Overwatch Competitive Map Pool Changes Coming Sooner Than Expected

By Dante Uzel

Overwatch Competitive or Ranked has always been a bit questionable. Some things do not change in the game for a long time even though players are asking for it. When we take look players wanted map selection for a long time now. But we did not see many changes in that front. However, the map pool always changed every season. Overwatch has a different system than most games and they are trying to keep game fresh like this. According to a recent Reddit post, players want a different map selection and they want a bigger map pool. The post got so many hits Jeff Kaplan stepped up and answered.

Overwatch Competitive Map Pool

Currently, the game has 12 maps in the rotation. Generally, other games have more maps in their competitive map pool. Overwatch has been around for a long time and players want solutions. Blizzard is trying to keep changes for Overwatch 2. But there is still no release date for Overwatch 2. Of course, players are speculating about the release date but no news from Blizzard. Also with the recent COVID-19 hits, we might see a lot more delays in the gaming industry.

Even though Overwatch Competitive maps change once a season hero pools change every week. This is changing the meta of the game every week. But it keeps some fans away from playing their hero’s and maps at the same time. The post regarding this problem blew out and Jeff Kaplan had to intervene and he stated. ” we’re making changes. Scott is writing up a blog post about it. Info in the next few weeks.”.