Bungie Hosting Destiny 2 Giveaway, Here’s How To Enter

By Abdullah Jawad
Bungie: Destiny 2

Bungie announced yesterday that they will be hosting a Destiny 2 lore giveaway which comes with every lore book (Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1 and 2), Shadowkeep’s Collector Edition signed by Bungie, along with some other Destiny merchandise.

Destiny 2 Giveaway – How to Enter

Entering this giveaway is fairly straight-forward and easy. Though, Bungie is only accepting entries from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada. And all the entries must be 18+ years old. Follow the below step to enter in the Lore Giveaway and win exciting prizes.

  • Head over to the Bungie Store Twitter account.
  • Give them a Follow and Retweet the latest sponsored Tweet from Bungie Store on that day with #GuardianGiveaways in the caption of your retweet.
  • That’s all!
Destiny 2 Giveaway Bungie
Bungie: Destiny 2

For a complete list of rules, make sure you visit the rules page on the Bungie website. There will a total of three drawings (January 29th, 31st, and February 4th) for this giveaway. Below is a total list of items included in this giveaway. Note that not all of these items are included in every drawing.

  • One (1) Squishy Foam Engram Set
  • One (1) Generalist Ghost Plush
  • One (1) Destiny 51h Anniversary Lanyard Set
  • One (1) Gjallarhorn Collectible Pin
  • One (1) Signed Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Collector’s Edition, No Game Code Version
  • One (1) Destiny Grimoire Volume One
  • One (1) Destiny Grimoire Volume Two
  • One (1) Destiny: The Official Coloring Book
  • One (1) D is for Destiny Book
  • One (1) Bungie Crest Journal
  • One (1) Bungle Cinch Pack II
  • One (1) Bungie 7th Column Water Bottle
  • One (1) Bungie Mug

Other than that, Destiny 2 will be getting the Empyrean Foundation next week. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Good luck guardians with Destiny 2 Giveaway!