Bungie Is Working On Its Internal Mobile Game Engine

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Bungie, the developer behind one of the leading looter-shooter — Destiny 2, seems to be working on extending its in-house game engine to support mobile platform releases.

According to a new “Senior Mobile Platforms Engineer” job listing, the candidate will help “extend the technology that [Bungie’s] games rely on to reach players on iOS and Android mobile platforms.”

“Are you excited to evolve Bungie’s internal game engine to support mobile platforms? You will solve the interesting problems of supporting mobile including player controls, UI, performance optimization, and size reduction.”

  • Build and maintain production-quality C++ for mobile platforms
  • Professional experience as a software engineer on mobile games or applications (iOS and/or Android)

Last year, Bungie also put out a series of positions that hinted at a potential mobile version for Destiny 2 that could be in the works. However, there’s no official confirmation from Bungie on whether Destiny 2 is coming to mobile platforms or not right now.

Apart from this, the developer has recently confirmed that their next game is a character-focused third-person action title that could lean into the competitive gaming landscape/esports.

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