Bungie Sues Destiny 2 Streamer For Repeatedly Cheating And Harassing Its Employees

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Bungie, the developer behind Destiny 2, has filed yet another lawsuit, this time against a Destiny 2 streamer “MiffysWorld” who got caught cheating in-game repeatedly, selling Destiny 2 emblems, and social media accounts, threatening to “burn down” Bungie’s HQ and harassing its employees online.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Bungie claims that the Twitch streamer “Luca Leone” who also goes by the Twitter handle “inkcel” has created 13 different Bungie accounts despite being hardware-banned from playing Destiny 2 for using cheat software.

“Leone has now made thirteen separate accounts in his attempts to evade the ban, and each new account was therefore a separate breach of the LSLA.”

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In addition, Leone has also been harassing and threatening Bungie and its employees on several different occasions online, warning Bungie to keep its “doors locked” after moving to Washington where Bungie has its HQ. “I just realized I’ll be moving to a place that’s 30 minutes away from dmg [Dylan Gafner, Community Manager at Bungie],” Leone said in one of his tweets.

“Leone has also repeatedly made threats targeting Bungie and its employees, tweeting about his desire to “burn down” Bungie’s office building and declaring that specific Bungie employees were “not safe” given Leone’s intent to move into their neighborhood.”

Bungie Sues Destiny 2 Streamer For Repeatedly Cheating And Harassing Its Employees
Source: Court Listener

After investigating further, Bungie found out that Leone also operates on a selling forum called OGUsers, where he sells Destiny 2 emblems and other social media accounts.

Leone created several accounts including, HoeAnnihilator, HoeHitter, TRAP$TAR MIFFY, ugl1kgwj4kn7emj, GOT 2 GET IT, Bungie, bungiemad, and hahahalolxd, which he used to stream and cheat in Destiny 2.

For this, Bungie says that all of Leone’s copyright infringement was “willful” and while the amount for damages will be proven at trial, Bungie also says that alternatively, the company is entitled to $150,000 “for each copyrighted work infringed”.

The suit also states an order “directing the destruction of all cheating software in Defendant’s possession, the deletion all Destiny 2 and Bungie accounts defendant has created”. In addition, Bungie seeks $2500 statutory damages for every instance Leone used the cheat software in Destiny 2.

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Lastly, Bungie demands an injunction against the Twitch streamer from “harassing, stalking, or otherwise engaging in unwanted or unsolicited contact with Bungie, its employees, or Destiny 2 players,” moving forward.

Online harassment against game developers is a big concern for Bungie and the video game industry in general. Last month, after getting several threats and harassment, Destiny 2’s Lead Sandbox Designer, Kevin Yanes deleted most of the tweets and went dark.

“Cases of harassment against our developers have actively made it harder for us to communicate with the broader community,” Dylan Gafner said in a tweet yesterday.

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