Death Stranding: First Look At The New Photo Mode In Action

By Zuhaad Ali
Kojima Productions

Death Stranding is officially getting released on PC this summer on June 2, 2020. The game has already been released on PS4 last year in November 2019. Today, we’re discussing the brand-new feature that Kojima Productions is adding in Death Stranding – Photo Mode. Keep in mind that, as of now, this new photo mode will only be available on PC – and now on the PS4 version of the game.

On Twitter, Hideo Kojima shared a video demonstrating how the new photo mode works. and it looks absolutely beautiful. “These are some examples from the Photo Mode in the PC ver. We will introduce on how to create them in another video later. Me, and some staffs that loves to take photos enjoyed making this Mode! Available, June 2nd,” Kojima said in his tweet. Take a look at yourself:

There will be details about this new photo-mode in Death Stranding on PC in the upcoming weeks up until the release of the game on PC. So, stay tuned for the full reveal for Death Stranding photo mode.

We don’t have any information on when this feature will roll out on PS4 right now. We are hoping to get more information about it later this summer.

Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4.