Destiny 2 Devil’s Ruin: How To Get Exotic Sidearm

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

With each season, Bungie releases a set of new exotic weapons and armor pieces. Last season (Season of the Undying), we’ve got a brand-new hand cannon called Eriana’s Vow, Leviathan’s Breath, Deathbringer, Xenophage, etc. In Season of Dawn, we got to see an introduction of one of Destiny’s most anticipated character – Saint-14. The storyline for this NPC was actually pretty good. The final cut-scene was probably the most badass thing we saw in a while in Destiny 2. In Season of Dawn, Bungie added more exotics to the game. Recently, we’ve received Devil’s Ruin, an exotic sidearm with a twist in Destiny 2.

How to get Devil’s Ruin in Destiny 2

The questline for Devil’s Ruin is called A Moment In Time. To get started with the actual quest, you need to complete a run of the Sundial. It doesn’t matter which difficulty level you’re playing on (normal or legend). After completing the run, you’ll get rewarded with the quest step.

After you have the quest for Devil’s Ruin in your hand, go talk to Saint-14 in the Tower Hanger. He’ll, then, give you the next step which requires you to complete a mission in the Twilight Gap (yes, the Crucible map)

The mission can be started from the quest marker in EDZ. So, don’t worry if you don’t see it in the quests tab. Once you load in the mission, you need to find 10 Redjack robots lying around the map. Yes, this is the final step of the quest. A quick note, you should do this with a Fireteam of three as the progress is shared. Finding these dead robots will grant you Timelost Fragments. So, you’ll need 10 Timelost Fragments to complete the quest. Below, you can see the location of robots.

Congratulations! You have acquired the new exotic sidearm Devil’s Ruin.

Destiny was released on September 9, 2014, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Destiny 2 was released on September 4, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was released later in 2019 on Google Stadia.