Destiny 2: Empyrean Foundation – Everything You Need To Know

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

Empyrean Foundation is coming next week in Destiny 2. Yesterday, Bungie revealed more details about what this is all about. And it looks like another Community Challenge just like we had on Mars.

Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation – Complete Guide

Before we get into this, here are some of the things that Bungie revealed in this TWAB post. Rebuilding the Empyrean Foundation will be tied to the next season i.e. the return of Trials of Osiris (as per recent leaks). The community will contribute their Fractaline using the Tower Obelisk. So, make sure you have the Tower Obelisk unlock to obtain rewards from this challenge.

This Obelisk is tied to the Cornerstone quest. To unlock, head over to Saint-14’s ship in the Tower Hanger. There you’ll be given a quest called “Some Assembly Required.”

  • Crucial Vex Components
  • Crucial Cabal Components
  • Crucial Fallen Components

You need to farm yellow-bar enemies for each race. The best place to get these kills is in the Lost Sector or in Strikes. After farming 10 of each component, head back to Saint-14 in the Tower Hanger and he’ll provide you with a piece to place in the Tower Obelisk.

Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation Complete Guide Emblem
Bungie: Destiny 2

Here’s what you’ll get by contributing Polarized Fractaline towards this challenge according to Bungie:

  • Contributing to the Empyrean Foundation costs 100 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Contributing generates a 25% flat progression for all Timelost weapon bounties in your inventory.
  • Your Tower Obelisk will generate Polarized Fractaline for you each week equivalent to its Resonance Power.
  • Increase its Resonance Power by upgrading other Obelisks
  • Players who donate more than 5,000 Polarized Fractaline before the end of the Season will earn a Triumph and emblem.

According to Bungie, there are a total of 7 stages for this challenge. Each stage requires more and more Fractaline for progress. Right now, Bungie has only revealed three stages for this challenge, but it seems we’ve figured out the rest of the stages. Also, you’ll get an in-game tracker (a hologram) to track the total progress from the whole community on the Tower Obelisk.

  • Stage 1: 400,000,000
  • Stage 2: 700,000,000
  • Stage 3: 1,200,000,000
  • Stage 4: 2,100,000,000 (not confirmed)
  • Stage 5: 3,800,000,000 (not confirmed)
  • Stage 6: 7,100,000,000 (not confirmed)
  • Stage 7: 13,600,000,000 (not confirmed)

This is everything you need to know about the upcoming Emyrean Foundation challenge. Have you heard about the Trials of Osiris return in next season? Learn more about it here.