Destiny 2: Here’s How To Complete 7 Timelost Bounties Instantly, New Glitch Discovered

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

The Empyrean Foundation community challenge is finally live in Destiny 2. With that, players across every platform are doing their best to contribute to help Saint-14 rebuilding the Lighthouse. Bungie has officially teased some hints on Trials of Osiris’ return with season 10. But, let’s talk about Timelost bounties and how you can complete them instantly with Tower Obelisk.

Destiny 2: Timelost Bounties Completion

With Empyrean Foundation live in Destiny 2, you can donate your Polarized Fractaline in the Tower Obelisk which will progress your Timelost bounties by 25%. Yes, each donation of 100 Fractaline will increase the progress on all of your bounties by 25%. So, all you need is 400 Fractaline for donation, and viola! You have all seven Timelost bounties completed. There’s a glitch that allows you to hold seven bounties at a time.

Now, keep in mind that these bounties also provide a huge amount of XP and weapons which can be dismantled into Legendary Shards if you want. So, before donating all your Fractaline, make sure to pick up those Timelost bounties for some free in-game materials. There is an Obelisk upgrade that you can buy which increases your Timelost bounty limit to four. Take a look at the video from Cheese Forever below:

How many Polarized Fractaline have you donated so far? Let us know in the comments!