Destiny 2: List Of Weapons Changes Coming With Bungie 30th Anniversary Event

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Bungie has just released its weekly blog post This Week At Bungie, or as we call it, TWAB, which has tons of weapon changes and tuning coming to Destiny 2 with the upcoming Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event.

The 30th Anniversary event launches on December 7, 2021, on all platforms, which brings in a brand-new dungeon, six-player matchmade activity, and cosmetics.

Below, you can find all the weapons changes Bungie has laid out this week.

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Weapons Changes

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Weapon Changes
Source: Bungie

Weapon Archetypes


  • Slug Shotgun PvE damage bonus reduced: from 30% to 20%.
  • Pellet Shotguns received a 10% PvE damage bonus.

Linear Fusion Rifles

  • PvE damage increased: by 10%.

Caster Swords

  • Heavy attack ammo cost reduced: from 8 to 5.


  • Damage vs rank-and-file enemies increased: by ~10%.

Sidearms and Fusion Rifles

  • Sidearm and Fusion Rifle projectile speed increased: from 999 to 9999

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Exotic Weapons

Vex Mythoclast

  • Aim Assist stat reduced: by 25.
  • Linear Fusion Rifle mode Aim Assist Cone scalar reduced: from 1.1 to 1.05.
  • Requires 3 eliminations for full Overcharge instead of 2.

Fighting Lion

  • Multi-hit requirement removed
  • Buff to the reload stat increased: from +50 to +70.
  • buff duration increased: to 7s.


  • Now has intrinsic anti-barrier.

Sleeper Simulant 

  • Magazine size increased: from 3 to 4
  • PvE damage increased: by 6%.

Suros Regime

  • Dual Mode Receiver mode now grants the following in addition to its current effects: +30 range, +3 zoom.

Cryosthesia 77K

  • Variable Trigger removed.
  • Charged Shot moved to special reload. Final blows now enable access to the special reload.
  • Once the Charged Shot is fired, the weapon reverts back to standard Sidearm mode.
  • Charged Shot now causes an AOE which freezes AI and slows players.

Leviathan’s Breath

  • Catalyst now grants the Archer’s Tempo perk in addition to its other effects.

Whisper of the Worm

  • Delay on activating Whispered Breathing reduced from the catalyst: from 2.1s to 1.2s.
  • White Nail magazine refill changed: from 3 to 2 from inventory and 1 from thin air.
  • Damage in PvE increased: by 10%.


  • Reduced flinch, recoil, and accuracy degradation by 50% while Personal Assistant is active.
  • Personal Assistant now has a 1s delay before deactivating when off target (was instant).
  • Increase damage in PvE by 20%.


  • Explosion damage increased: by 50%.

Dead Man’s Tale

  • Increased reticle friction falloff distance (no effect on mouse and keyboard).
  • Less recoil (reduced effect on mouse and keyboard).
  • Improved accuracy (reduced effect on mouse and keyboard).

Heir Apparent Catalyst

  • Damage resistance against players reduced: from 75% to 25%.

Lorentz Driver

  • Removed ability energy regeneration on picking up a telemetry.

Traveler’s Chosen

  • Now grants 10% ability energy per stack on activation (was previously more generous on low stacks, less generous on high stacks, the average and amount for 10 stacks are unchanged).
  • Reduced stacks granted on a Guardian defeat from 3 to 2.

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Adrenaline Junkie

  • Eliminations with the weapon can add single damage stacks or extend existing ones.
  • Grenade eliminations boost the stacks immediately to x5.
  • Lowered the duration to compensate for weapon activation.

Vorpal Weapon

  • Was 15% damage on all weapons.
  • Now 10% on heavy weapons, 15% on special, 20% on primary.
  • No change to damage vs players in Super.

Whirlwind Blade

  • Increased number of stacks needed to hit maximum damage from 5 to 10.

Pulse Monitor

  • Changed threshold for activation from 90% health to 30% shield (i.e., this now requires much less damage to trigger).


Quick Access Sling

  • Functionality changed:
      • Was: +100 handling, 0.9 * ready/stow/aim down sights time for 0.4s after running out of ammo.
      • Now: 0.9 * ready/stow time all the time.
  • This change also applies to the Swap Mag perk, as they use the same perk behind the scenes.

Full Auto Retrofit

  • Added a Full Auto Retrofit weapon mod that enables full auto while the trigger is held, usable on Legendary Hand Cannons, Sidearms, Scout Rifles and Pulse Rifles.
  • This is unlocked by default for all players.

These are all of the changes Bungie has released this week, that will be hitting the live game in December 2021.