Destiny 2: How Many Players Playing On Google Stadia?

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2 - Google Stadia

Destiny 2 was one of the launch titles on Google Stadia released on November 19, 2019. First, let’s talk about the platform itself. In the beginning, there were a lot of reports about how bad games perform on Google Stadia. If you don’t know, Google Stadia is a streaming service for video games. So, you won’t need any kind of console or PC hardware, instead, all you need to get is a chrome cast (for TV) and you can enjoy the games on your PC, TV, and even mobile phones.

Destiny 2: Playerbase on Google Stadia – Declining

According to, the player base on Stadia for Destiny 2 has been getting lower and lower. Last December, the total number of players playing Destiny 2 on Stadia was 10.9k (10,900) from which 47% of those players were actively playing Patrol missions, 15% story missions, 10% strikes, and 4% Crucible.

Destiny 2 Google Stadia Population

Now let’s talk about the current Destiny 2 community on Google Stadia. As of February 1, 2020, the total Destiny 2 population on Stadia is 6.27k (6,270). Among these players, 48.3% of players are playing Patrol missions, 6.6% are playing Crucible matches, 14.3% are actively doing Story missions, and 1.3% of total players are doing Raids. See the complete stats for this month below:

So, to answer how many players are playing Destiny 2 on Google Stadia, it’s less than 1% of the total Destiny 2 player base on all platforms. I even tried searching for a Crucible match and it took nearly 10 minutes to find a single match. It’s been 45 days with no new video game announcement on Google Stadia from Google. Are you playing Destiny 2 on Stadia? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny 2 Google Stadia Population