Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Launch Teaser Leaks Via Twitch Advert

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

A new advertisement just went live for Destiny 2 The Witch Queen on Twitch revealing some brand-new footage for the expansion, ahead of tomorrow’s launch trailer release.

This ad was streamed during Myelin Games Twitch stream (thanks, u/DeadraXD), one of Destiny’s lore content creators. The ad features an all-new look Sathona, before she became Savathun, the Witch Queen along with some new gameplay footage.

You can watch the leaked footage below:

One thing to note here from this teaser is that the release date is shown as February 23, 2022, which is due to the region difference. The ad was streamed in accordance with the Australian time zone.

Last month, The Witch Queen exotics trailer was leaked as well, thanks to a Google advertisement that went live early.

Bungie has already confirmed that the new launch trailer for The Witch Queen will go live tomorrow, February 15, 2022, at 7 AM Pacific.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is going live next week on February 22, 2022, on all platforms.