Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Is In Full Development

By Zuhaad Ali
Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 has entered its full development cycle as confirmed by the game’s developers themselves.

In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Audrey), game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the company acknowledges that players are waiting for the next FFVII Remake installment. Here’s what he said during his interview:

“We know that everyone wants the next installment quickly. We would also like to deliver it as soon as possible. Since we were also able to see the line of quality from the first installment, we hope to make the next installment even better in quality that can make for an even better experience. We would like to get it out as soon as possible, so please wait for it. I think we can clearly convey the direction when we officially announce the next installment.”

Along with that, game producer Yoshinori Kitase mentions that this is only the beginning for Final Fantasy VII, “The new story of Final Fantasy VII has only just begun.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on the PlayStation 4.