Halo’s Captain Keyes Actor Pete Stacker’s Voice Lines As Ghost Seemingly Discovered In Destiny Alpha Game Files

The voice behind our Ghost before the Dinklebot

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie/Microsoft

Apparently, there was another voice behind our Ghost in the early days of Destiny, as per recently discovered content from game files. A group of dataminers recently were surprised to discover some unused voice lines for the Ghost, seemingly voiced by Pete Stacker, the voice actor behind Captain Keyes in the Halo games.

These voice lines were datamined from the Destiny First Look Alpha build that was released on consoles in June 2014. The voice lines in question seem to be for the Devil’s Lair strike that was released with the Alpha.

While the files do not explicitly credit Stacker as the voice actor, the similarities between the voice in the files and Stacker’s portrayal of Keyes in the Halo series are striking.

For those unfamiliar with Destiny, Ghost is a small companion created by the Traveler that assists the player throughout the game. The character was originally voiced by the Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage but was later replaced by Nolan North. You can listen to the voice lines posted by Owen Spence below.

However, it seems that Bungie, the game’s developer, had originally considered using Pete Stacker for the role. Though, It’s also worth noting that the use of Stacker’s voice lines for Ghost was likely just an early experiment on Bungie’s part.

The decision to go with Dinklage and then North may have been due to a variety of factors, including scheduling conflicts, creative differences, or simply a desire to try something new. Regardless of the reason, it’s always interesting to see the early behind-the-scenes development of video games.

Fast forwarding to the current release, Destiny is now nearing its ninth anniversary and is bigger than ever with the release of Lightfall. Bungie confirmed that Lightfall “surpassed” sales expectations for an expansion release, and has hit a new peak concurrent player record on Steam since its release in 2019.

As for what’s happening in Destiny 2 these days, we are closing in on this year’s Guardian Games event, and then Season of the Deep which is bringing back some exciting new weapons.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.