Several New Halo Infinite Multiplayer Arena Maps Leaked Online

By Abdullah Jawad
Source: 343 Industries

According to a new leak, it looks like we’ve got our first look at some of the new unreleased Halo Infinite multiplayer maps coming later this year.

This comes from the Twitter user, Halo MP Leaks, who has been sharing a bunch of multiplayer leaks for Halo Infinite this past couple of days. Earlier today, the account tweeted out three new unseen maps with a watermark “Not Final – replace before release” on every single one of them.

Apart from that, there’s another account on Instagram, craig_of_the_banished, which has been one of the first ones to leak the download size of Halo Infinite – which is around 97 GB, posted a very blurry image of what seems to be the Sentinel Beam in Halo Infinite.

There are a bunch of other leaked Halo Infinite content on this Instagram account, including new armor sets, maps, battle pass rewards, vehicles, and much more. Keep in mind that these are not officially confirmed in any way. So, take every leak with a grain of salt until officially confirmed.

Speaking of leaks, shortly after the Halo Infinite Technical Test went live, the datamine community leaked some major story plot details via in-game voice lines. However, Brian Jarrard, community director at 343 Industries, warned players to not share any datamined material publicly or they might get a takedown notice of a strike.

“Please don’t post data-mined content to your channels,” Jarrard stated on Twitter. “You run a very real risk of getting a takedown notice, which could result in a strike on certain platforms. If you have already posted content, we recommend removing it from your channel proactively.”