New Harry Potter RPG Is ‘Extremely Dark And Is Not Made For Children,’ Rumor Suggests

By Zuhaad Ali
Warner Bros.

It’s been rumored for quite some time now that we’re about to get an official reveal for the new Harry Potter RPG. Since the leaked footage of the Harry Potter game back in 2018, fans are eagerly waiting for the actual reveal that could actually happen this summer. Earlier today, a new “leak” emerged on the Harry Potter subreddit from the user ‘u/notexpectedbut’ who claims to be working at Warner Bros. But again there’s no confirmation about whether the details disclosed in this leak are true. So, we suggest taking everything we a grain of salt.

New Harry Potter Game to be called “Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy”

Harry Potter RPG Leak Rumor
Warner Bros.

According to the Reddit post, the new Harry Potter game is not actually called a “Harry Potter,” instead, it’s called “Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.” The game sets after the Harry Potter storyline. The main villain of the game is not Voldemort but is a “former Death Eater.” A Reddit user also talked about the game getting extremely dark, so it won’t be a kid-friendly game. You can read the whole post that talked about many details for the new Harry Potter RPG below:

Harry Potter RPG Details from harrypotter

As of the past, we first saw the leaked footage of the open-world Harry Potter game back in 2018. Fast-forwarding to March 2020, Jason Schreier revealed that WB Games had plans to reveal the new Harry Potter game during their E3 conference along with the new Batman game and some other titles. But, after the E3 cancellation, it is to be known when the WB Games digital event will take place.

WB Games teased the new Batman game in late 2019. But since then, they’ve gone silent and haven’t revealed anything else regarding the next Batman game. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!