Microsoft Files ‘Xbox Series’ Trademark, Hinting At Potential Xbox Series S

By Zuhaad Ali

If you’ve been following the news circulating Xbox and Xbox Series X, you might’ve heard about something called Project Lockhart or Xbox Series S. There have been many rumors and insider reports since the official Series X reveal that Microsoft has another ‘cheaper’ next-gen console that will release alongside Series X

Xbox Series Trademark Filed By Microsoft

Microsoft Trade Mark Xbox Series S Reveal Release Date

Recently, Microsoft filed a new trademark for the ‘Xbox Series’ only without the X. This could mean that there are other variants of the next-gen console which strongly hints at the Series S possibility that we’ve been hearing a lot about in the past.

Obviously, this could also mean that they just wanted to trademark Xbox Series as a separate name for their next-gen console. But, considering the recent reports, it’s highly possible that we’ll be hearing about this mystery next-gen console very soon.

Tom Warren from The Verge also commented on the specifications of the Xbox Series S saying that Project Lockhart won’t undermine next-gen games. “I’ve been saying for a year that CPU and SSD are key to next-gen consoles, not teraflops,” said Warren in a tweet. “Developers are saying the same thing. I’ve also been saying Lockhart won’t undermine next-gen games.”

Apart from that, Microsoft has announced that they will be hosting their next Series X event in July where they’ll talk about the games coming to this next-gen console.

In other news, Sony has finally unveiled their next-gen console – PlayStation 5, which has smashed every streaming record for the most watched video game live stream on YouTube ever. The launch line-up for PS5 is looking really strong. What are your thoughts on this? Would you rather buy Series S or Series X? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X will be out holiday of 2020.

Featured Image: u/jiveduder