New Unlimited Multikill Clip Exploit Found In Destiny 2

By Zuhaad Ali
Bungie: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is getting a lot of glitches and bugs recently. From unlimited supers to unlimited multikill clip in Destiny 2, Bungie really needs to fix these exploits as soon as possible.

According to this Reddit thread, this exploit was originally found by Faris_51. This glitch allows you to get 3x Multikill Clip that you can use on any weapon that has the perk. To activate it, you need to get three kills with the weapon and reload the weapon. After that, you need to switch the perk with the other perk and switch back to Multikill Clip perk. That’s all.

Destiny 2: Multikill Clip Exploit Found

After that, you will see that Multikil Clip x3 on the screen. This can be very useful inside PvE. If you want to use it in PvP, it can be done but requires you to get three kills back to back to activate it.