Nintendo Switch ‘Barely’ Halfway Through Its Life Cycle, According To Report

By Zuhaad Ali

Nintendo Switch is the latest handheld console in the Nintendo family. Released back in March 2017, Nintendo Switch has made its way to the top for one of the fastest-selling consoles ever.

According to the new report from David Gibson (investment advisor), Switch is “barely” halfway through its complete life cycle. Considering, we’re three years in since the release; it’s safe to say that Switch will go in as the current-gen console for the next three years until 2023. “Barely in the middle of the switch cycle, no change to that view,” said Gibson in a tweet.

Earlier today, we’ve got some really interesting sales numbers from Nintendo. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold over 13million units since release. As for the console itself, Switch has managed to sell over 3million units in the 2020 fiscal year, making it 55.77million units in total.

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Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide.