Nvidia GeForce Now Losing All Activision Blizzard Titles

By Zuhaad Ali
Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is a cloud streaming service for video games just like Google Stadia. But unlike Stadia, the majority of the players are actually having a great time playing on GeForce Now. GeForce Now has hundreds of titles in its library, but there’s a big catch. On GeForce Now, you can play video games only if its publisher allows it. And a new statement from Nividia revealed that they are losing every Activision Blizzard title – which is a really bad sign.

According to the statement released, “please be advised Activision Blizzard games will be removed from the service. While unfortunate, we hope to work together with Activision Blizzard to reenable these games and more in the future,” said Cory.

This means players won’t be able to play video games including Call of Duty titles, Overwatch, WoW. Blizzard does have a EULA that states, “Use the Platform, including a Game, in connection with any unauthorized third-party “cloud computing” services, “cloud gaming” services, or any software or service designed to enable the unauthorized streaming or transmission of Game content from a third-party server to any device.”

But again, this doesn’t answer the question as to why Activision Blizzard finally decided to pull every title from GeForce Now. This is really bad news for every Call of Duty and Overwatch player out there who just wants to enjoy the game without worrying about owning a high-end PC. According to Nvidia, they have over 1500 titles with more coming soon. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!