Here’s Your First Look At PS5 Games Box Art

By Zuhaad Ali

Sony has officially revealed the box art for the upcoming PS5 games.

It looks like most of the box is exactly the same except for the top header with the PS5 logo. On PS5 games, the header of the box art will be white with a black logo, hence matching the color scheme of the console itself.

The revealed cartridge itself is of the new Spider-Man game – Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Now, that we know how the box art looks like for the PS5 games, it’s finally time for how much all of these costs.

We are very intrigued to see Sony surprise-dropping the PS5 stuff lately, similar to what they did with the DualSense announcement. PlayStation 5 reveal event was a huge success in terms of numbers.

Regarding the price of the console, many analysts suggest that the console will be around $449 to $499. According to the report from Bloomberg, the base PS5 console has an estimated cost of $450 to produce for Sony. So, we might see a price point above that.

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PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15, 2013, in the United States and Canada. PlayStation 5 release date is expected in the holidays of 2020.