PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Assault Rifles

By Saniya Jaffery

PUBG Mobile came out in March 2017 and took over the minds of countless individuals whether it be children, teens, adolescents, or boomers; with its addictive gameplay and hard to learn mechanics, it’s sweeping across the entire nations by being embedded into the free time of countless human beings. The main questions that arises are, what one of the PUBG Mobile assault rifles is the best? How on earth are you supposed to use them?

PUBG MOBILE: How many Assault Rifles are there?

There are as many 7 different types of assault rifles you can find all across game, some are map exclusive but looking at the game, your mind might wonder what kinds of guns are the best since you can only choose 2 from the overall 38 guns you can choose from.

And that is why we are here to help you to experience the best game-play to your heart’s content.

PUBG Mobile: Gun Guide: Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles:


  • Good for close range players.
  • Does better damage when an enemy is up-front.
  • Is slightly less powerful than the M416.
  • Can be found easily.


  • Is super stable.
  • Does less damage in comparison to other guns.
  • Very rare to find in all maps.
  • Since it’s rare, is impractical to use. You can find much better guns early game, making it less useful.


  • It’s a bit of a challenge to use.
  • Also is very stable.
  • Very weak compared to the other weapons in the game.
  • Does not have auto-fire which makes it difficult to use.
  • More superior for long-range.


  • Has burst fire.
  • Very challenging to use since doesn’t fire fast enough.
  • Very slow rate of fire and high recoil.
PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Assault Rifles


  • Is exclusive to Sanhok.
  • Slight fast fire rate compared to SCAR-L, which is a very important quality to have for a gun
  • Slow reload rate.
  • Can take many kills and cause a hug spray in one mag.
  • Great for close and medium range.
  • Perfect for the end and early game.
  • Highly recommended.


  • Very rare. (airdrop exclusive)
  • More powerful than all guns mentioned above.
  • The elite gun for close-range shooting.
  • Still significantly less powerful than a fully equipped M416..


  • Best for close range.
  • Very rare. (airdrop exclusive)
  • Much faster firing rate than Groza.
  • Less damage than Groza.
PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Best Assault Rifles


  • Same stats as AKM.
  • If compensated for high recoil, this gun is OP.
  • Requires perfect accuracy.
  • Shreds the enemy in close-range.
  • If paired with M24, can easily get chicken dinner.


  • Exclusive to Vikendi.
  • Replaces SCAR-L.
  • Slightly less powerful than a fully equipped M416.


  • Best assault rifle in the entire game (it has all the attachments, especially the tactical stock)
  • easy to control.
  • Has significantly higher damage than most of the guns.
  • Can be found easily, making it a very common weapon to locate.
  • Even better when used for competitive matches.

We hope that helped, remember it all comes down to your perspective of gameplay, you might like close-range combat or long-range sniping, whatever it is, we promise it will help refine your shooting skills.