Rocket Arena Guide: Characters, Abilities, And Specials Detailed

By Zuhaad Ali

Rocket Arena was announced last month during EA Play 2020. The game is developed by Final Strike Games and published by EA. Rocket Arena is a 3v3 shooter featuring various playable characters with different weapons and abilities. Today, we are going to discuss characters, their abilities, and special powers in Rocket Arena.

How many characters are there in Rocket Arena?

There are a total of ten characters right now in Rocket Arena, each with its own unique look, weapons, and ability.


Amphora is a really fast-paced character. Her Charged Torpedo is a chargeable primary that allows dealing with long-range combat. Hydro Foam, Amphora’s secondary ability is can be used to kick out the enemies from the Arena with a powerful water cyclone.

Amphora’s Abilities:

  • Charged Torpedo (Primary): Hold to charge for increased speed and damage.
  • Hydro Foam (Secondary): Morph into a pool of water. Reactivate to launch opponents skyward in a water cyclone.
  • Bouncy Mines (Special): Lunch three bouncing and homing mines.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Amphora


Blastbeard is a heavy-hitter with his Rocket Cannonballs and Charged Anchor. Using Blastbeard’s Shockwave could be very useful in close combat situations as it can blast off opponents and even destroy their incoming rockets.

Blastbeard’s Abilities:

  • Rocket Cannonball (Primary): Arcing and high impact.
  • Charged Anchor (Secondary): Charge and fire for a hard-hitting Anchor rocket.
  • Shockwave (Special): Knockback nearby opponents and destroy incoming rockets.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Blastbeard


If you’re the type of player who prefers to play both long-range and close-range combat, then Boone should be your go-to hero for that. With his Blunderblast, Boone can launch a cluster of rockets that can ricochet off surfaces. His Megadon Scope is perfect for those long-range shots.

Boone’s Abilities:

  • Blunderblast (Primary): Ricocheting short-range cluster shot.
  • Megadon Scope (Secondary): Scope in to fire a Ricocheting sniper rocket.
  • Zik’s Vortex (Special): Fire a wind vortex that blasts Boone backward and pushes opponents with tremendous force.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Boone


Izell is another fast-paced character who can be very useful in modes like Rocketball. With her increased mobility and abilities, Izell can be used as a support hero assisting her teammates for the final win.

Izell’s Abilities:

  • Spear Rockets (Primary): Quick firing and short-ranged.
  • Bola Snare (Secondary): Pulls opponents towards you. The next Spear Rocket will home toward snared opponent for increased damage.
  • Jaaqua Charge (Special): Hold to aim before ferociously lunging forward.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Izell


Jayto has the perfect combination of weapons and abilities for offensive plays. Jayto has a single-fire Skypiercer Rockets that can be combined with his Thruster Suit to gain increased mobility and his rockets.

Jayto’s Abilities:

  • Skypiercer Rockets (Primary): Fast and accurate single fire.
  • Rocket Swarn (Secondary): Swarm of mini-Rockets.
  • Thruster Suit (Special): Temporarily boost mobility and Skypiercer Rockets.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Jayto


Kayi has a chargeable single-fire rocket, along with her Grapple Hook, and Snow Globe. Her Grapple Hook can be used to dodge incoming rockets and attacks and with her Snow Globe, Kayi can slow down incoming rockets.

Kayi’s Abilities:

  • Charged Bolt (Primary): Precision Bolt. Charge to shoot faster and farther.
  • Snow Globe (Secondary): Deploy a Snow Globe that slows incoming rockets. Charge Bolt shots from inside the Globe are faster and hit harder.
  • Grapple Hook (Special): Grapple to nearby surface or damage enemies by hitting them directly.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Kayi


Mysteen is perfect to trick your opponents with her Phantasm abilities. You can use Mysteen Mirror Shield to block incoming rockets with a shield around you.

Mysteen’s Abilities:

  • Card Rockets (Primary): Accurate single shot. Every third consecutive attack fires a 3-round burst.
  • Mirror Shield (Secondary): Conjure a shield to block incoming rockets.
  • Phantasm (Special): Materialize a Mysteen double. Reactivate to swap places with it.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Mysteen


Pink has Scrap Rockets that can be very useful in close-range encounters. With his Boomerang and Skedaddle Ball, Pink and teleport and damage nearby enemies.

Pink’s Abilities:

  • Scrap Rockets (Primary): Short ranged and rapid-fire homing rockets.
  • Boomerang (Secondary): Ricochets off walls before returning.
  • Skedaddle Ball (Special): Thrown teleporter. Reactivate to teleport to its location and damage nearby opponents.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Pink


The second-last character in the list is Rev, an explosive-packed hero with a hoverboard. Her abilities include Double Whammy, Mag Mines, and Shatter Slam.

Rev’s Abilities:

  • Double Whammy (Primary): Rapid-fire explosive projectiles alternating between the weapon’s twin barrels.
  • Mag Mines (Secondary): Lob mines attach to any surface or foe.
  • Shatter Slam (Special): Activate Shatter Slam flight. Kick opponents with your board attack.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Rev


Topnotch is the final character in this Rocket Arena who has a special type of grenades, Artillery Salute, and a giant rocket strike.

Topnotch’s Abilities:

  • Bouncing Beauty (Primary): Bouncing Grenade. Hold to delay detonation.
  • Artillery Salute (Secondary): Call down a cascading artillery line.
  • Zephyr Strike (Special): Lock-on and initiate a giant rocket strike.
Rocket Arena Characters Abilities Specials Weapons Topnotch

Rocket Arena is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.