Rumor: Destiny 2 And Halo Crossover Coming Later This Year

By Abdullah Jawad
Source: Bungie/Microsoft

Update: According to Paul Tassi, Bungie won’t be revealing any Destiny x Halo crossover stuff during its Destiny 2 Showcase next week for season 15 and The Witch Queen. This doesn’t necessarily confirm that this crossover is not happening.

“Sources familiar with the situation (or lack thereof) tell me that no, despite the Microsoft Xbox showcase airing a few hours after the Witch Queen presentation, there is no Halo content in the August 24 Bungie showcase.”

Furthermore, Tom Warren of The Verge published a tweet today on his Twitter account saying, “30 years of Bungie, and 20 years of Halo this year” with an image of Destiny (Titan) and Halo (Master Chief) from “Halo vs Destiny: Live-Action Battle” video, hinting that this crossover might actually be real.

Destiny 2 Season 15 name and the main character have been leaked which aligns with the notepad leak referenced below.

Original Story: New leaks suggest that Bungie is working on its 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 and a crossover with Halo which seems to be coming later this year in December 2021. This comes from a series of different leaks shared in the span of the last three months. Originally shared in the Raid Secrets Discord server in April 2021, the notepad document contained details from Season 13 to the upcoming major expansion, The Witch Queen. Some of these details have come true in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer.

The original document states that there will be a “buyable pack” for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary that will be available between Season 15 and Season 16. Fast-forwarding to today, there’s a new leak shared in the Raid Secrets subreddit which claims to be the extended version of the original notepad document, and includes more details on The Witch Queen expansion, the upcoming Season 15, and Destiny/Halo crossover.

Before we go any further, we do have to mention that there’s nothing officially confirmed about these details and we strongly suggest taking everything with a grain of salt. According to this new Pastebin document, the 30th Anniversary pack which seems to be releasing on December 21, 2021, will include 4 PvP maps (2 new maps and 2 from Destiny 1), a brand-new weapon-only PvP mode (no abilities) called “Hardware”. For the Destiny 2/Halo crossover, below is the list of things mentioned in the document:

  • A heavy Sniper Rifle from Halo (Exotic)
  • Gravity Hammer (Exotic)
  • CE Magnum Pistol (Legendary)
  • Battle Rifle (Legendary)
  • Halo-themed armor sets
    • Hunter: ODST
    • Titan: Reach Spartan
    • Warlock: The Arbiter
  • 2 Secret missions (both Halo-themed)

Apart from that, there’s content from older Bungie titles including Myth (Claymore), Pathways into Darkness (Grenade Launcher), and Marathon (Shotgun) coming as well. The document states that one of the two seasonal teams at Bungie is working on this Anniversary pack which apparently is $20.

A Twitter user, Nyxara, who previously leaked Beyond Light and the new subclass – Stasis in April 2020 (two months before the official reveal), corroborated the new Pastebin leak saying that the Destiny 2 and “the Bungie/Halo stuff is legit” and the document shared today is “mostly legit”.

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In the recent This Week At Bungie weekly blog posts, we’ve seen Bungie using some quotes from Halo including, “Don’t make a promise…“, “I need a weapon…”, and “You know the music…“. Now, if the leaks about Destiny 2 and Halo crossover are actually true, this seems to be a nice little hint at what’s coming in the future (or it could be nothing at all). The leak also suggests that there will be a brand-new dungeon released in Destiny 2 season 15.

Earlier this month on Bungie Day (7/7), the developer officially unveiled a new showcase for Destiny 2 scheduled on August 24, 2021, which is when the current Season of the Splicer ends. This showcase will reveal details about the next season of Destiny 2 and The Witch Queen expansion coming in early 2022.