Rumor: GameStop To Close 700-1,000 Stores In 2020

By Zuhaad Ali

New reports just came in revealing the next wave of GameStop stores getting close. According to this Reddit thread, it seems like “another round has begun.” There are many reports in the comment section of this thread pointing out that other GameStop stores are getting closed as well.

As per this Resetera thread, it looks like this time, the total number of stores getting closed is between 700 to 1,000, which is really sad news for everyone currently employed at GameStop stores. The Reddit thread has been locked since then. While the exact numbers are not officially confirmed, there are definitely reports of many stores getting shut down. We’ll update as more detail comes in.

A new report from Game Industry shows GameStop’s new store concept which is more like a laboratory (as described in the article). This new concept gives out the vibe of the old-school game zone we used to have where there were several tabletop setups with multiple computers. Make sure to check out the article for more in-depth coverage.