Valorant New Map Revealed By Riot Games

By Dante Uzel
Riot Games

Valorant is one of the most expected games of this year. The game is coming from Riot Games and as a result, the expectations are high. The game was named as Project A and it is regarded as a competitive FPS with abilities. The game is played 5v5 and the gameplay we have seen before got positive responses from the community. We are expecting the game to launch around mid-summer at the latest. However, the recent pandemic crisis might push the release of Valorant to the end of the summer. The maps are designed with competitive plays in mind. Until now we have seen several maps from the developers and the new map Ascent is revealed in a Dev Blog.

Valorant new map
UlfricTheThird/Riot games

The new map appears to have 2 main attacking routes but there is plenty of flanking positions as well. Players in this map need to be extra careful because nearly all of the locations are flankable. The new map is a standard 5v5 map. Even though we have seen the map for a few brief seconds we were able to get some images for you. The new map will launch with the game and it favors aggressive gameplay by the looks of it. We are expecting the new map to be an important addition to the playlist because it does look super competitive. Of course, we are basing this on the first look of the map.