Xbox Series X 16GB RAM Will Allow Instant Transitions And Boosted Performace – Dev

By Zuhaad Ali

It’s no denying that Microsoft has the upper hand as of now in terms of next-gen consoles. They’ve talked about almost everything Xbox Series X has to offer including the processor, graphics capabilities, and 16GB GDDR6 RAM, that Xbox Series X has to offer. Today, we have a report from the senior CEO of Wild Sphere, Terry Malham, who talked about how the RAM in Xbox Series X will boost the performance of the next-generation of gaming.

“This is faster memory than the previous generation hardware. It will help the overall performance of the game,” Malham told GamingBolt. “Equally important here is the amount of RAM, 16GB. A lot of games could fit entirely into memory, allowing instant transitions.”

Players are eagerly waiting for the full video games list that Xbox Series X will feature at launch this holiday. Recently, an ex-Sony developer made some comments on the power capability of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and called it a ‘staggering difference’ with XSX having the advantage.

Recent reports also show that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X’s texture compression technology is also better than Sony’s PlayStation 5. Check out the full story here. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

Xbox Series X will be out holidays 2020.