Xbox Series X GPU Is ‘The Most Important Upgrade New Consoles Will Have,’ According To Disjunction Developer

By Zuhaad Ali

There’s no denying that the Xbox Series X is shaping up to be a really powerful console that can run video games even better than the majority of gaming PCs. Today, we have some details on the 12 TFLOPS GPU and how powerful it really is.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Erwan LeCun, co-founder of Ape Tribe Games, went into detail on the newly revealed hardware of Xbox Series X. When he was asked about how powerful the 12 TFLOPS GPU of Xbox Series X is, he replied, “the most important upgrade that new consoles will have.”

Xbox Series X GPU 12 TFLOPS

“This is the most important upgrade that new consoles will have. GPUs make the biggest difference in the graphical quality of games, and the GPUs in next-gen consoles are significantly more powerful than current-gen ones. For AAA games, graphics will continue to improve,” LeCun continued.

Here’s what LeCun said about the GDDR6 memory in XSX.

“Memory is memory – more of it is always good, though for a lot of games it won’t necessarily make a noticeable difference,” LeCun said. “Memory has never been the main bottleneck of consoles in terms of performance, but it’s great to get more of it!”

XSX will be out holidays 2020.