Power Difference Between Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5 ‘Is Quite Staggering,’ Says Ex-Sony Dev

By Zuhaad Ali
Microsoft | Sony

Last week, Sony officially talked about their next-gen console – PlayStation 5 for the first time since CES 2020 conference. They revealed the specs for PS5 and while it is not as powerful as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, PS5 can still pull a huge amount of graphics performance compared to current-gen consoles. And not to mention, the custom SSD in PS5 could be a game-changing piece of hardware.

After the PS5’s deep dive, many fans on both sides (PlayStation and Xbox) went on saying that Xbox will probably win the next-gen console war. Well, today, we have some more details from the Ex-Sony dev, Chris Grannell, who commented on this situation.

According to Grannell, the power difference between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is really astonishing. “I’ve chatted to a few devs and they have confirmed the power difference is quite staggering,” he said. “However they have said it doesn’t mean you can’t make good games on the PS5.” 

This statement also applies to the current-gen consoles. While Xbox One X compared to PS4 Pro is more powerful but we’ve seen that because of the better exclusives on PlayStation 4, many fans prefer PS4 over Xbox One. 

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Xbox Series X will be out holidays 2020.