Amazing Minecraft Harry Potter RPG Game is Here

By Dante Uzel
Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry Potter was definitely the childhood of people who are born in the 90s. We practically grew up reading books of Harry Potter. Of course, the fantasy world also got transmitted to the gaming world. However, quite by chance, we were at the birth of modern gaming. The first few games were not the best experience. The last game was very good. However, players were always asking for an open-world Harry Potter RPG game for years now. Even now we know that players are asking for it. According to recent news, a Minecraft modder team called The Floo Network was able to create a Harry Potter World.

The game mode has many things inside from playing Quidditch to fighting against dementors. The team does look like completed most of the locations from the books and the movies. Hogwarts does look impressive and to its size and as depicted. Players will be able to use spells even. This is a very interesting mode and we have to congratulate The Floo Network for their will because they were able to complete this around 4 years. This is an impressive achievement and we are sure that the players and fans of Harry Potter can not wait to try it out. You can download the world from here.

Harry Potter
Witchcraft and wizardry

Modding became one of the best parts of modern-day gaming. Modding does offer players to try out new experiences and the games that are moddable have much longer lifetimes, against the ones that don’t have. For example, Mount and Balde: Warband was kept alive by mods until Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.