Apex Legends Prowlers Leaked, PvE Content Might Be Coming Soon

By Dante Uzel

Apex Legends has been through a lot. The game had an interesting first year for sure. First, in the beginning, the whole player count was amazing. But afterward, they lost a lot of players due to problems in the game. Later on because of the monetization attempts we saw Respawn developers and the community come face to face. This was a very interesting year for the game. However, after Season 3, Apex Legends entered a better season, and this continues with Season 4. Apex Legends Season 5 is still far but there are some leaks. According to data miners, we might see prowlers in the game in the future.

Apex Legends Prowlers
Apex Legends

Apex Legends is based on the Titanfall universe. This makes the game universe very large. The weapons of the game are from Titanfall games. In the previous season, we had flyers, these dragon-types of flyers did not interact with players, except when they had loot. Players were able to shoot the loot and collect them. This was a unique approach to the game. However, with Season 3 and the new map, these flyers were removed from the game. But prowlers are different according to the leaked data they are not flying and it looks like they might interact with players. This might mean that there will be PvE content in the game.

Prowlers might be in the game with high-protection loot locations. To make it a little harder to loot. Recently we saw a lot of games adding PvE content such as Escape from Tarkov and recently Fortnite. They are doing this in order to enrich the Battle Royale adventure. Prowlers might come to the game with Apex Legends Season 5. Of course, we need to keep in mind that Loba is a new character and she is known to have wolf-like creatures, so we might her to have something to do with the prowlers.