Bungie’s New Third-Person Game Will Use Destiny’s Tiger Engine, According To Job Ad

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Earlier this year, Bungie put out several job ads confirming that one of its new projects is a third-person action game. Now, we have some more potential details on this action game, from a new job listing that was published very recently.

According to a new job ad for a Lead Gameplay Engineer (cached version below–listing was later updated), looks like this new third-person game will utilize Bungie’s proprietary Tiger engine which is used to develop its current flagship title — Destiny 2.

Under the responsibilities section, it says, “build and maintain networked gameplay systems, workflows, and tools in Bungie’s Tiger engine” and “senior-engineer-level ability to navigate activities gameplay, bugs, and workflows in Bungie’s Tiger engine.”

“Are you excited to help build a brand-new 3rd-person action game – expanding Bungie’s best-in-class gameplay into a new genre?”

Bungie's New Third-Person Game Will Use Destiny's Tiger Engine, According To Job Ad
Source: Bungie

Furthermore, Bungie was also hiring a Senior Engineer to help “efficiently share code [of its internal game engine] with multiple projects”. The ideal candidate will “improve the separation of the game and engine layers to allow us to integrate engine changes more easily between different game projects”.

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The original Destiny and Destiny 2’s Tiger Engine is a heavily modified version of Bungie’s original Blam Engine, which was used to develop the Halo games.

Right now, we know very little about what this game might become as the project is still in the incubation phase, it seems. We have compiled a list of Bungie’s current and future projects (video games and transmedia) in development.

The developer filed a trademark in 2018 called “Matter” and confirmed that it plans to release a new game in 2025, a year after Destiny 2’s final expansion in the Light and Darkness saga–The Final Shape.

Speaking of, Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion Lightfall, recently got a new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards, with some flashy Strand action. Lightfall comes out on February 28, 2023.

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