Call of Duty Warzone Most Kills Record is Broken With 78 Kills

By Dante Uzel
Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most played games right now. The game is out for more than a week and it already broke the 15 million players barrier in several days. Most probably by the end of this month, Warzone will pass 30 million players. Call of Duty Warzone is bringing a unique approach to the Battle Royale genre. The game has 150 players and a unique respawn system that allows players to come back and redeploy. Since the game has been out there have been several world records broken already. Most of these records are set in trio squads since the game does not have anything else right now. Call of Duty Warzone World Record for most kills is broken with 78 Kills.

78 kills are truly impressive and it means that more than half of the lobby was killed during this match. Call of Duty Warzone’s most kills record is set by Micka, Zepa, and Lymax. Lymax had an impressive 29 kills and Zepa had 27 and Micka had 22 kills. The previous record was also by Lymax and Micka with 73 kills.

Call of Duty Warzone

However, since the game is still new we are expecting more and more records in the following weeks. Several teams said that 100 kills might be achievable under the right circumstances. Also, the current world record for most solo kills in Warzone is 38 kills by GaGOD. Activision changed the gaming world with this addition.