Destiny 2: All 30 Free Emblem Codes

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

Destiny 2 offers a bunch of cosmetics items in the game for players to unlock by playing certain activities and completing challenges. These cosmetics include Armor Ornaments, Ships, Ghosts, Sparrows, Emblems, and more.

While there are cosmetics that players can acquire from in-game activities, Bungie occasionally gives out universal codes that players can redeem for free cosmetics in Destiny 2, as part of a puzzle or a limited-time event.

So, in this guide, we will have a list of all free emblem (and other cosmetics) codes you can get in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: All Free Emblem Codes
Image: Destiny Bulletin / TheGamePost

Destiny 2 Emblem Codes

As of April 2023, there are a total of 25 free emblem codes and one free Transmat Effect code that you can get in Destiny 2.

We will be updating this above table as we get more free emblem codes in the future. So, feel free to bookmark this page. We have also made a custom graphic that contains all the currently-available freebies for Destiny 2 (which you can see above). You can check out the full list of free emblem codes in Destiny 2 below.

Be TrueML3-FD4-ND9
Schrödinger’s Gun9LX-7YC-6TX
Seraphim’s GauntletsXVX-DKJ-CVM
Jade’s BurrowTNN-DKM-6LG
A Classy OrderYRC-C3D-YNC
Galilean ExcursionJYN-JAA-Y7D
Future in Shadow7LV-GTK-T7J
Countdown to ConvergencePHV-6LF-9CP
Sneer of the Oni6LJ-GH7-TPA
Heliotrope WarrenL7T-CVV-3RD
Sequence Flourish7D4-PKR-MD7
Tangled WebPKH-JL6-L4R
Crushed GammaD97-YCX-7JK
The VisionaryXFV-KHP-N97
Stag’s SpiritT67-JXY-PH6
Liminal NadirVA7-L7H-PNC
Shadow’s LightF99-KPX-NCF
Neon MirageYAA-37T-FCN
In Urbe InventaXVK-RLA-RAM
In Vino MendaciumJ6P-9YH-LLP
Visio Spei993-H3H-M6K
Limitless HorizonXMY-G9M-6XH
Airlock InvitationHN3-7K9-93G
Harmonic CommencementVXN-V3T-MRP
Bulbul TarangA67-C7X-3GN
End of the Rainbow (Transmat)R9J-79M-J6C
2023 Pride Celebration: Rainbow Connection EmoteTK7-D3P-FDF

How to Redeem Destiny 2 Emblem Codes

Now that you have a list of new promo codes for Destiny 2, you must be wondering, how do I redeem these? Worry not, as we have a step-by-step guide that you can follow below.

  • Step 1: Head over to and create an account by clicking the “My Account” button in the top right.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account using the “My Account” button on the top right of the screen.
  • Step 3: After logging in, click on your profile icon, and from the dropdown menu, select “Redeem Codes” or visit this page.
  • Step 4: From there, simply enter your nine-digit code and you’re done!

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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