Destiny 2 Fans Upset with Fashion Contest Results and Overused Outfits

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Fashion is a big part of Destiny 2. With new armor sets being added to the game every season, fans get creative with their unique and stylish combinations. From time to time, Bungie tends to hold an official Destiny Fashion Contest in the community for fans to showcase their creativity and style with unique outfits, with an exclusive emblem as a reward.

Last week, Bungie announced a new Fashion Contest for Season of the Deep, asking players to submit their outfits with the hashtag “DrownInTheDrip,” also revealing a new fashion emblem as a reward called Prêt-à-porter. “We know you can express what Season of the Deep is all about with just five pieces of armor.”

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In this week’s TWID (RIP TWAB), Bungie announced a total of nine winners for this new Destiny Fashion Contest. However, instead of a celebration, the results of the contest have sparked disappointment and frustration among the Destiny 2 community.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Fashion Emblem Prêt-à-porter
Destiny 2 Fashion Emblem | Image: Bungie

One of the main concerns raised by players is the lack of variety in the winning outfits. Out of the nine winners, three of them (The Mask, Yoda, and Patrick Star from SpongeBob) have either won contests before or have been popular fashion choices for a long time. This repetition left fans questioning the fairness and credibility of the selection process.

Adding to the community’s dissatisfaction is the fact that a single player claimed two of the nine winning spots. While talent and skill should be acknowledged, some fans argue that this dominance stifles the opportunity for other talented participants to shine.

Destiny 2 players have taken to Twitter, and Reddit to voice their disappointment and frustration with the Fashion Contest results. Discussions can be found in prominent subreddits, including the official DestinyTheGame subreddit and the DestinyFashion subreddit, which boasts a dedicated fan base of over 250,000 users.

One user said, Bungie “really needs to do due diligence for this” and that “a simple Google reverse image search would have easily cleared a lot of this up.” Another user commented how the original creator of the “Patrick Star” Titan never won the contest, “crazy part of the ‘Patrick’ is that the OG creator made it back in 2021. And never wins when submitting it. Random does it now and wins.”

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