New Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Legendary Weapons Exotic Perks, Melts Bosses

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

A new game-breaking glitch in Destiny 2 has been found that grants Exotic weapon perks to Legendary weapons, doing increased damage to bosses and champions.

Similar to many other games, Destiny 2 often experiences new bugs and glitches with new in-game updates. Every season, Bungie introduces a fresh set of weapons and armor, enabling players to tailor their in-game builds and playstyle to their liking.

However, with new gear comes the possibility of discovering new exploits and glitches. Recently, players have discovered a new exploit that allows them to infuse Legendary weapons with Exotic weapon perks.

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On top of legendary weapons getting exotic perks, there’s another game-breaking glitch that allows these glitched weapons to do an increased amount of damage to enemies, including champions and bosses.

New Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Legendary Weapons Exotic Perks, Melts Bosses
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

Destiny 2 Players can get Exotic Perks on Legendary Weapons

This exploit was originally shared on the Billibili video platform and was later covered by Cheese Forever. Shortly after the video was shared online, Destiny 2 players got to work and tried replicating this exploit, and were successful.


Bungie has released an official statement on this bug, confirming that it is working on a fix. Check out the full comment below.

“We’re aware of an issue that allows specific weapon perks to be crafted into other legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will result in these weapons being reset in the future. We currently don’t have any plans to disable Trials of Osiris due to this issue.

“Per our ban policy, players who discover an exploit will not receive any in-game restriction or ban. However, the use of external scripting and network manipulation tools are still bannable offenses and subject to security review.”

Before we get started, it’s important to note that as of right now, this glitch only works on craftable exotic weapons. (like Osteo Striga, Dead Messager, Dead Man’s Tale, etc.)

In order to activate this exploit, players first need to select a craftable exotic weapon (at the Relic, Enclave), such as the Osteo Striga or Dead Messenger, then quickly switch the tab (using the Up/Down keys) and select a Legendary weapon they want the exotic perks on. Also, lowering your frames per second (FPS) down to 30 also helps.

For example, to get Osteo Striga’s Screaming Swarm intrinsic perk on the Ikelos submachine gun, you need to select Osteo Striga Exotic and switch to Ikelos quickly. Keep in mind that this can take you several tries to replicate.

Here’s a video demonstration of how this works along with some examples of crafted weapons in action, including Ikelos and Calus Minitool SMG with Osteo Striga’s Screaming Swarm, Briar’s Contempt Linear Fusion Rifle and Under Your Skin bow with Dead Messenger’s Trinary Vision perk.

As shown in the above video, the legendary Under Your Skin bow with Trinary Vision exotic perk does over 500 damage for headshots and over 450 damage for body shots, resulting in an easy one-shot kill every time.

Legendary to Legendary Weapon Infusion Also Works

It turns out, you can also use different legendary weapon frames into one another to get even more crazier results. In the below example, we used Ragnhild-D Shotgun’s Aggressive Frame on Ammit AR2 (Precision Frame) Auto Rifle and Until Its Return Shotgun’s Rapid-Fire Frame on Fire And Forget (Aggressive Frame) Linear Fusion Rifle.

Here’s the damage result of using the Royal Executioner Fusion Rifle with Trinary Vision exotic perk after one damage phase of Nezarec in the Root of Nightmares raid.

New Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Legendary Weapons Exotic Perks, Melts Bosses
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape launches February 27, 2024, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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