Destiny 2 Into The Light Roadmap: Everything Coming with the Free Update

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s highly anticipated Into the Light update is coming out later this week. This free update promises to deliver exciting content for new and returning players in the game.

Bungie has already announced everything the players can expect to see in Into the Light during the three developer livestreams. From the return of classic exotic missions like The Whisper and Zero Hour to the addition of brand-new armor sets and the Brave Arsenal, here’s a list of everything the Into the Light update will bring to Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Into the Light Release Date and Time

The Into the Light update is set to be released on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time / 6 PM British Summer Time / 7 PM Central European Summer Time. Furthermore, it will be available on April 10, 2024, at 2 AM Japan Standard Time / 2 AM Korea Standard Time / 3 AM Australian Eastern Time.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Roadmap Calendar
Image: The Game Post / Destiny Bulletin

New PvE Activity: Onslaught Horde Mode

At the heart of the Into the Light update lies the addition of the highly anticipated new horde mode called Onslaught. Available on April 9th, this new wave-based activity introduces a fresh challenge for players. 

Onslaught takes place on familiar PvP maps. What’s more, there’s also a Legend difficulty version available which will require players to brave a total of fifty waves of enemies to complete the activity. However, for those seeking a shorter skirmish, a playlist version featuring 10 intense rounds will also be available.

Destiny 2 Into The Light Livestream Turns Dark as Racist and Toxic Steam Requests Flood Developer
Image: Bungie

Brave Arsenal: Weapons Release Schedule

To equip guardians for the trials ahead, the Into the Light update introduces the BRAVE Arsenal, a collection of 12 beloved weapons, reissued with updated perks and a new Origin trait called Indomitability. While these weapons are not craftable, players will be able to enhance the perks in the third and fourth columns.

  • The Recluse (April 9)
  • Hung Jury SR4 (April 9)
  • Succession (April 9)
  • Edge Transit (April 9)
  • Elsie’s Rifle (April 9)
  • Falling Guillotine (April 9)
  • The Mountaintop (April 16)
  • Midnight Coup (April 16)
  • Hammerhead (April 23)
  • Forbearance (April 23)
  • Blast Furnace (April 30)
  • Luna’s Howl (April 30)
  • Indomitability Origin Trait: Final blows grant grenade energy when playing a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass.
Destiny 2: All Into The Light Weapons Perk Pools Detailed
Image: Bungie

There will also be Limited Edition variants available for all of these weapons. Players must complete the accompanied quests for the weapons acquired from Arcite 99-40 in order to get their hands on the Limited Edition variants, with “super shiny” appearances.

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It’s important to note that the Limited Edition variants acquired by completing the quests will be a curated version of the weapon, fully masterworked with double perks in the third and fourth columns. 

Players will also unlock attunement for the weapon they have completed the limited edition quest for. However, these Limited Edition variants are only available until The Final Shape. After the release of The Final Shape, base variants will be the only ones available to acquire.

New Armor Sets

Each class, including Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, will have access to brand-new armor sets with the Into the Light update in Destiny 2. These sets are inspired by the original Destiny 2 Year 1 armor and are a must-have for veterans and new players alike. Take a closer look at them below!

Destiny 2 Into the Light armor sets
Image: Bungie

New Social Space: Hall of Champions

The Into the Light update will also add a brand-new social space for players called Hall of Champions. Here, Lord Shaxx takes center stage as the primary vendor; offering bounties, and rank-up rewards to players. Accompanying him is Arcite 99-40, another vendor that will offer quests for limited edition variants for the Brave arsenal. 

New and returning players can also get the Gift of the Thunder Gods, located right next to Lord Shaxx on the left side. This will help them get their power level to the activity requirements instantly. 

Bungie Reveals New Social Space for Destiny 2 Into The Light
Image: Bungie

Superblack Shader

After countless number of requests from fans, Bungie has finally decided to bring back the fan-favorite Superblack shader in Destiny 2 with the Into the Light update. To obtain this long-awaited shader, players must complete a specific questline, which we have made a comprehensive guide for here.

How to Get Super Black Shader in Destiny 2
Image: Bungie

Returning Exotic Missions

Two fan-favorite exotic missions, The Whisper and Zero Hour, are making a return with the Into the Light update. The Whisper will be available at launch on April 9th, with Zero Hour launching three weeks after, on Tuesday, May 14th.

Bungie has confirmed that the Exotic weapons for both of these missions; Whisper of the Worm and Zero Hour will be craftable, allowing players to tailor their loadouts to suit their playstyle.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Brings Back Two Classic Exotic Missions
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

Unlimited Character Customization and Ability to Change Your Bungie Name

On April 9, 2024, players will finally have unlimited character customization options, enabling them to fine-tune their appearance to perfection. Additionally, Bungie is also introducing one more Name Change token with Into the Light, allowing players to modify their in-game Bungie name with ease. 

Destiny 2 Character Customization
Image: Bungie

New Light Campaign Skip and Kits

For new players joining the world of Destiny, Bungie is adding a feature that will allow players to skip the introductory New Light campaign and jump straight into the Tower and get the New Light Kit bundles that will include the following items:

  • 2 Legendary weapons
  • 1 Exotic weapon
  • 4 Rare armor pieces and a Legendary class item
  • Subclass abilities such as Aspects and Fragments
  • A short quest for Exotic armor

New Seal and Title

Bungie has also confirmed the release of a new seal and title called “Brave” with the upcoming Into the Light update. In order to earn this title, players must complete all the triumphs associated with the new seal, just like the previous seals in the game.

Pantheon Raid Challenge

On Tuesday, April 30th, the Into the Light update will add a new PvE challenge called Pantheon. This is a new raid boss gauntlet where players will face “raid bosses in a weekly challenge with escalating difficulties and rewards.” At this point, Bungie has not shared any further details about the Pantheon challenge.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Pantheon Raid Challenge
Image: Bungie

PvP Map Pack

Lastly, on May 7th, Destiny 2 will get its long-awaited PvP Map Pack that will add three brand-new Crucible maps to the game. These three maps are:

  • Eventide Labs on Europa
  • Cirrus Plaza on Neomuna
  • Dissonance on the Terraformed Pyramid Ship
Bungie Showcases The New Destiny 2 PvP Map Pack Coming In May 2024
Image: Bungie via The Game Post

It’s worth noting that this map pack is available free for all players in Destiny 2. Here’s an in-depth look at each of these three new PvP maps coming to Destiny 2 next month.

Into the Light is shaping up to be one of the best content updates the game has received apart from its annual expansions and seasonal content. With the returning weapons, exotic missions, new armor, new maps, and the raid gauntlet challenge, players in Destiny 2 will have more than enough content to keep them busy until, and even after, the release of The Final Shape expansion.

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