Destiny 2 Has A New King Of Broken Weapons After Telesto

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

Over the past years, Telesto has become more of a meme inside the Destiny community, where if any bug is found, everyone blames it on Telesto. For those unaware, Telesto is an exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2, that has played a part in breaking the game time and time again.

So much so that Bungie did a fun little easter egg in the game during Season of Plunder last year where the weapon would actually spark a little as if it was broken. (also, free emblem and no constellations)

Now, with the launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion—Lightfall, it seems like the game has a new weapon that refuses to get fixed completely despite getting two separate update fixes. If you’ve been playing Destiny, you would know that the weapon is indeed the new exotic glaive—Winterbite.

While Telesto was more of a weapon that “broke” the game, Winterbite on the other hand, straight up not getting fixed. It all started after some players found out that Winterbite was somehow eating up chunks of the boss health in raids and dungeons when everyone shot the weapon’s projectile attack at the same time.

Destiny 2 Has A New King Of Broken Weapons After Telesto
Image: Bungie

For those unaware, WInterbite is an exotic Stasis glaive in the heavy slot that shoots a slow-moving orb or ball of Stasis energy which also shoots targets, freezing them with its own projectiles.

Shortly after this insanely broken weapon was discovered, Bungie officially announced that it will be disabled in the World’s First raid race for Root of Nightmares. Fast forwarding to last week, when Bungie deployed the first potential fix for the weapon, stating that they “fixed an issue where the Winterbite Exotic Glaive was doing more damage than intended to targets.”

After testing the weapon post-hotfix update that also nerfed the Titan’s exotic gauntlets Synthocepts, players found out that the weapon was still able to melt bosses, but not as consistent as before.

Now, Bungie released a second hotfix for this weapon yesterday saying that the weapon was somehow “benefitting from other Glaives damage increasing perks,” hoping to finally fix it once and for all, but as you may have already guessed, it is still broken and is still doing a ton of invisible damage. Watch the clip of Saltagreppo and Gsxrclyde using the exotic glaive to melt Riven in the Last Wish raid.

All in all, I really hope Bungie finds a permanent fix for this weapon soon.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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