Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost: Moon Ascendant Anchors Location Guide

By Zuhaad Ali
Source: Bungie

Week 3 of Season of the Lost has started in Destiny 2. That means, more collectibles to collect inside the new activity, The Shattered Realm, and one more destination that rotates on a weekly basis. In this guide, we’ll go in-depth with all of the Ascendant Anchors Location you can find in Destiny 2 this week.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Ascendant Anchors are one of the collectibles players can find to complete the seasonal challenges and the triumphs for Season of the Lost. In week 1, we had Ascendant Anchors located in the EDZ, week 2 was the Tangled Shore, with the Shattered Realm being there every week.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchors Location – Week 3

First off, let’s start with the Moon since it is a requirement in the weekly seasonal story quest anyway. There are two locations on the Moon where you’ll find the Ascendant Anchors, the Sanctuary, and Sorrow’s Harbor (both landing zones). Now, let’s dig in.

Ascendant Anchors – Moon

There are a total of 12 Ascendant Anchor located on the Moon.


There are a total of 5 Ascendant Anchors located in this area.

Ascendant Anchor: 1

Spawn in on the Sanctuary, Moon, and you’ll see the first one in front of you.

Ascendant Anchor: 2

Again from the spawn location, move to your hard left and you’ll see this one right beside a huge metal construct.

Ascendant Anchor: 3

The third on the list can be found in the far left corner of the area behind this cargo container. (looks like it)

Ascendant Anchor: 4

From the same spot, make your way towards Archer’s Line (left) and you’ll find the fourth one there.

Ascendant Anchor: 5

This one is located on the far right side of the area, on top of this giant rock.

Sorrow’s Harbor

After collecting all five in the Sanctuary, fast travel to Sorrow’s Harbor using the Landing Zone on your map. In this area, most of the Ascendant Anchors are located on the outer edge of the map. So, we’ll move from right to left. There are a total of 7 Ascendant Anchors located in this area.

Ascendant Anchor: 6

After spawning in, move forward sticking to the right side of the area, and you’ll find a huge Hive plate and ahead of it, you’ll see this Ascendant Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor: 7

From there, you’ll need to head straight to the front end of the area where you’ll find a small bridge. This one is located right before the bridge to your right.

Ascendant Anchor: 8

This Ascendant Anchor is located behind this huge rock right in front of the Altar of Sorrow public event on your map.

Ascendant Anchor: 9

Number 9 is located on the far left edge of the area right beneath this huge Hive wall.

Ascendant Anchor: 10

Make your way toward the landing zone from the left edge of the map and you’ll find this one as you move down the stairs.

Ascendant Anchor: 11

From the same location, move forward and you can find this one on the left of the map behind the staircase.

Ascendant Anchor: 12

The last one is right beside the Landing Zone of the area on your left.

There we have it. Every Ascendant Anchor covered for week 3 of Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.