Persona 6 is Coming For PlayStation 5

By Dante Uzel

There has always been a war between Xbox and PlayStation in terms of exclusives, which is normal. Exclusive titles became a marketable idea, it has become leverage to use against consumers. PlayStation offers Ratchet&Clank and Xbox offers Forza and you can not play Forza if you purchase PlayStation. These marketing tricks are generally very effective for companies, it even pushes consumers to own both of the consoles just for the sake of exclusives. There are many exclusives in both camps some are big and some are small. However, after the success of Persona 5, Sony PlayStation earned another game in terms of big exclusive titles.

Persona 5 sold more than 3 million and got very good scores from the critics. The game is actually a small part of a much bigger universe. Megami Tensei is the bigger franchise and Persona as a series is a part of it. We played Persona games as PlayStation exclusives before also, but none of them was even close to Persona 5’s success. The developers Atlus announced that Persona 6 is in works already and various spin-off ideas are being thought. This will make the game guaranteed as an exclusive for PlayStation 5. Of course, generally, players wait for 7-8 years before the next Persona game. Persona 5 released in 2016 and most probably Persona 6 release date will be somewhere around 2021-2022.

Persona 6

Even though this is great news, we need to take the release dates with a pinch of salt. These are only predictions. Because these days we are seeing release dates of the games changing every month. Many games delayed and developers do not want to release something unfinished as they did in the last few years. We hope that Persona 6 will be just as good as its predecessors on PlayStation 5.

Source: Dengeki