Bungie Releases New Previews for Destiny 2 The Final Shape Supers and Aspects

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Check out the new Supers and Aspect in action in three brand-new previews released by the developer.

The Final Shape marks the end of Destiny’s decade-long story of Light and Darkness. This upcoming expansion takes the players into the Traveler where they will prevent the Final Shape from happening, while also getting some new powers.

Bungie recently announced that The Final Shape expansion for the game will introduce three new Light subclass Supers and three new Aspects. Although the details of each new Super and Aspect have already been revealed, Bungie has released three new preview clips showcasing these upcoming additions in action.

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape Hunter Super and Aspect Preview

Hunters get a new Arc Super called Storm’s Edge. This Super allows players to throw an Arc knife at a target, dealing damage upon impact. Upon hitting the target, players are instantly blinked to its position and can do a circular slash, damaging nearby targets. This attack can be used up to three times per Super activation.

The Hunter’s new Arc Aspect is called Ascension. While airborne, activate your class ability to twirl upward, causing Jolt and damaging enemies below you while also granting the Amplify buff to you and your nearby allies.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Warlock Super and Aspect Preview

The Warlock’s Solar Super is called Song of Flame. This Super overcharges melee abilities by adding more projectiles, allowing players to throw a grenade that tracks and bounces between enemies, dealing damage. It also buffs nearby allies’ Solar weapons with Scorch. Song of Flame is the only first-person Super in Destiny 2 other than Hunter’s Golden Gun.

The new Solar Warlock Aspect is called Hellion. Casting your Rift will create a Solar Soul that will launch itself at an enemy, adding Scorch and dealing damage in general.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Titan Super and Aspect Preview

And lastly, as a Titan, you now have access to the Twilight Arsenal, a new Void Super. This enables you to hurl three Void axes in quick succession, which stick into the ground and pull in nearby enemies, inflicting significant damage. Furthermore, you or your allies can then pick up these axes and use them as weapons to take down additional enemies.

The new Void Titan Aspect is called Unbreakable which lets players use their grenade ability to cast a Void shield that protects you and your allies and absorbs incoming damage. This stored damage can then be released in a blast of Void energy.

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape launches February 27, 2024, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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