Xbox Series X, Ray Tracing Confirmed

By Dante Uzel
Xbox Series X

Ray Tracing technology came into our lives with the Nvidia 2000 series graphics cards. However, until now it is not the standard for all games. Of course, the technology is relatively new and it depends on game developers to create the game with it. But with the market share of Ray tracing GPUs rising so is the number of games that support it. This was available on PC until now. However, the new consoles are coming soon and we can be sure that they will have ray-tracing technology. Recent news from Phil Spencer Head of Xbox confirms this.

Xbox Series X will feature Ray tracing technology with Microsoft’s program. This will definitely change the gaming fortunes of players on the Xbox Series X. It also needs more power and accordion to recent news, Xbox Series X will have 12 teraflops of power. This is highly interesting¬†and it means that it will be stronger than the rumored Playstation 5. Of course, as we have said before it depends on the developers to create games with Ray tracing. But the recent AAA titles all had this feature with decent framerates, so we are pretty sure with the upcoming consoles, it will be a standard for years to come especially for single-player games.

Ray Tracing
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Microsoft also teased a smart delivery system. This will allow players to purchase the game for their Xbox One and the games will transfer with your account. This was one of the biggest problems for consoles since especially FPS games have a longer lifetime than other games.

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