Destiny 2 Cheater Who Threatened to Burn Down Bungie’s Office Reaches $500k Settlement With Developer

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

This permanent injunction would restrict the individual from traveling “within 1,000 feet of Bungie’s offices.”

A Destiny 2 player who allegedly used cheat software to gain an unfair advantage against other players in the game, evaded multiple bans by creating 13 different accounts, harassed Bungie employees, and showcased a desire to burn down the Bungie headquarters, has reached a remarkable settlement with the gaming giant.

The sequence of events unfolded in July 2022, when Bungie, the developer behind Destiny 2, initiated a legal action against a teenage minor known as L.L. This legal complaint stemmed from L.L.’s consistent and unsettling threats aimed at both Bungie and its staff.

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The individual didn’t stop at expressing a desire to “burn down” Bungie’s office but also declared that Bungie employees were “not safe” due to his plans to move into their neighborhood.

Recently, L.L. and Bungie reached a resolution to their legal battle through a $500,000 settlement, as per the proposed consent judgment filed by the developer earlier this month (pdf here). The settlement not only puts an end to the dispute but also imposes a set of restrictions on L.L.’s future conduct.

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As per the document, Bungie is demanding $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement, which amounts to a total of $300,000. Additionally, L.L. is accused of committing “at least 100 acts of circumvention” by using cheat software and making new accounts to evade in-game bans. Each violation carries a $2000 fine, resulting in a $200,000 total. Bungie seeks a total of $500,000 in damages.

In the proposed judgment (pdf here), Bungie has also filed a permanent cease and desist against the individual, which would prohibit him from using cheat software in any Bungie game, selling Bungie accounts or in-game Destiny 2 emblems, assets, or taking part in any of the past, present or future Bungie games.

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This would also prohibit him from “traveling within 1000 feet of Bungie’s offices, or knowingly traveling within 1000 feet of the known home address of any Bungie employee, except as is incidental to travel on public highways and roadways for purposes other than to make contact with or otherwise harass such Bungie employee.”

Destiny 2 Cheater Who Threatened to Burn Down Bungie's Office Reaches $500k Settlement With Developer
Image: The Game Post

L.L.’s case serves as a stark reminder of the complex challenges faced by game developers when dealing with cheaters and toxic behavior within their communities. While online gaming has provided immense joy to millions, it has also unfortunately become a breeding ground for individuals who aim to disrupt the experience of others.

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