Destiny 2 Players Are Brute Forcing The New Time-Gated Exotic Mission For Early Reward

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Operation’s Seraph Shield, a new exotic mission, was released in Destiny 2 this week, which introduced one of the most customizable exotic weapons in the game — Revision Zero. Along with the exotic weapon, there are other rewards, the players can unlock from this mission, such as an exotic sparrow called “Archangel’s Refit” by destroying all fifty security drones in the game.

However, some of these security drones in the Seraph’s Shield mission are currently locked and inaccessible due to a time-gated questline. This wasn’t enough to stop some Destiny 2 players who managed to bypass the locked doors and unlocked the exotic sparrow already.

One method involves using an out-of-bounds glitch where players would find a way to exit the map’s barriers and use it to navigate freely without any restrictions from outside the map.

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Source: Bungie

Another way is to use the “finisher breach” (as explained by Timb0uton on Twitter) where players would use a finisher on an enemy right next to the locked door, allowing them to shoot through it and destroy the drones. This does require lowering your in-game FPS to 30, and some specific finishers in Destiny 2., a Discord bot and a global analytics app that tracks all activities inside Destiny 2, shows that more than 800 players (871 at the time of writing this article) have already unlocked the exotic sparrow in the game.

While these methods may allow players to get the exotic sparrow earlier than intended and unlock the door that tracks all the drones at the end of the mission, it was found that there’s another locked door that requires the Security Clearance upgrade in the HELM.

Overall, while it may be tempting for some players to try and brute-force their way through an exotic mission for an early reward, it is not worth the time and effort required to bypass the quest. Players will eventually unlock the reward and are better off taking their time and enjoying the challenges that the mission has to offer.