Destiny 2 The Final Shape Leak Reveals Official Soundtrack Titles

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

It seems that a recent leak has revealed the official soundtrack titles for Destiny 2’s highly anticipated expansion, The Final Shape.

The Final Shape is set to be a pivotal chapter in Destiny 2, signaling the end of the Light and Darkness storyline. Over the last couple of weeks, Bungie has unveiled several new features and updates set to debut in June, such as new exotic armor, exotic class items, Prismatic subclass, and details about content entering the Destiny Content Vault in Year 7.

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Now, it appears we have an early glimpse of the soundtrack for The Final Shape, which will accompany the climactic arc of its storyline.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Leak Reveals Official Soundtrack Titles
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Official Soundtrack List Spotted Online

Much like the leak of The Witch Queen’s soundtrack prior to its official release, we’ve now gained access to the complete list of titles for The Final Shape’s original soundtrack. This information comes courtesy of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) website

The ASCAP database was recently updated to include these new track titles, offering fans an exciting yet potentially spoiler-y glimpse into the upcoming expansion’s music. The titles of these tracks appear to reveal potential plot points from The Final Shape. Therefore, if you’re avoiding spoilers, proceed with caution.

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape Leak Reveals Official Soundtrack Titles
Image: Bungie

This is your spoiler warning!

Here is the list of the thirty-eight soundtrack titles for The Final Shape:

  • The Final Shape
  • The Pale Heart
  • A Gentle Kingdom
  • A Knife in the Garden
  • After All This Time
  • Burden of Sacrifice
  • Coruscate
  • Cosmic Tides
  • Cusp of Finality
  • Cut Away
  • Dissenter
  • Entropy
  • First Knife
  • Give Yourself to Darkness
  • Herald of Finality
  • Hope in Bloom
  • I See Fear
  • Make Your Own Fate
  • Meditation on Bravery
  • Metacarpus
  • Only Echoes Remain
  • Paracausal Mutilation
  • Perseverate
  • Precipice
  • Prince of Devotion
  • Purgatorium
  • Return to a Dream
  • Ritual Site
  • Salvation’s Ruin
  • Scientific Obstinance
  • Silver-Winged
  • Stronger, Together
  • Surpass Infinity
  • The Dread
  • Thresh
  • Transmigration
  • Unmade
  • Veiled

Apart from that, Bungie has also revealed a list of updates coming to exotic weapons in The Final Shape. Check out our article going over these upcoming changes here.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape is set to launch on June 4, 2024, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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