How To Complete The All Hands Challenge In Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Since the launch of Master Difficulty for Root of Nightmares, Bungie has released one challenge each week for Lightfall’s new raid. Now, it’s the fourth week which means we have the final All Hands challenge available for the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2.

The All Hands challenge takes place in the raid’s final encounter where we take down Nezarec, the Final God of Pain. The normal encounter is pretty easy if you have a general understanding of how the previous encounters work. Though, there are some new duties in this encounter, including taking Nezarec’s Hatred, the Light and Darkness Refuge, etc.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can complete the All Hands challenge in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares’ Nezarec encounter.

All Hands Challenge in Root of Nightmares

For the All Hands challenge in the Nezarec encounter, each member of your Fireteam has to shoot one node on both sides (Light and Dark) per damage phase. Also, you need to finish both sides (6th node) at the same time, or else it will fail the challenge.

All HandsEach player must shoot 1 Light and 1 Dark node per DPS phase. 6th node must be shot at the same time.Nezarec, Final God of Pain

This means each player has to shoot two nodes per damage phase. This challenge is probably the most tricky as you need to shuffle left and right throughout the encounter.

The first and easiest strategy requires you to have two teams of three Guardians in your Fireteam. In short, you must have 2 players on adds, 2 players doing the nodes, and 2 players taking Nezarec’s hatred.

Each team shoots the first three nodes on its side. For example, the three players on the Light side shoot the first three Light nodes. (three players shoot the first three Dark nodes)

You can appoint numbers to each member of your team. For example, Player 1 is L1 (1st Light node), P2 is L2, P3 is L3, and vice versa. Keep in mind that players who are not doing the nodes must focus on clearing adds and taking Nezarec’s hatred/finishing Anti-Barrier champions. (on Master difficulty)

Note: This means you would have four players (two on each side) to do ads/hatred duty.

Players who are taking Nezarec’s hatred should call out the color they see when shooting his shoulders (Blue is Light and Orange is Dark). After that, you simply have to pass the wipe mechanic by jumping on the plate according to the call out.

Now that you have survived the wipe mechanic, each team has to switch sides—The Light team goes to Dark, and the Dark team goes to the Light side. After switching, the players have to continue the cycle from nodes 4 to 6, while also clearing adds, and champions. (on Master difficulty)

Players on each side should countdown when they are about to shoot the final sixth node and shoot it at the same time. After that, get on your selected DPS plate and start damaging the boss. After the damage phase, rinse and repeat.

How To Complete The All Hands Challenge In Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares
Image: Bungie

Weapons and Armor Recommendation

This encounter requires both good add clear and damage, so you need to use weapons for both. Here are some weapons and armor we recommend.

  • Gjallarhorn: At least one member of your team should use Gjallarhorn for the damage phase to grant Wolfpack Rounds to the whole Fireteam.
  • Void Rocket/Grenade Launcher: Since it’s Void/Strand surge this week, use a Void Rocket or Grenade Launcher. (Tomorrow’s Answer or Regnant)
  • Izanagi’s Burden: If you’re running a Legendary heavy weapon, Izanagi’s Burden is a solid option for DPS if you have good aim with Sniper as the boss moves around a bit.
  • Arbalest: Arbalest is another good option, especially to take down those Anti-Barrier champions on Master difficulty. Also, for DPS.
  • Well of Radiance: You must have at least two Well of Radiance per damage phase.
How To Complete The All Hands Challenge In Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares
Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

All Hands Challenge Adept Reward

For completing the Cosmic Equilibrium challenge on the Master difficulty Root of Nightmares, you will unlock Koraxis’s Distress Adept Grenade Launcher. Koraxis’s Distress is a 150 RPM Strand Rapid-Fire heavy grenade launcher.

How To Complete The All Hands Challenge In Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares
Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

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