Destiny 2: 20 Best Apps And Tools

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By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 is a first-person looter-shooter title from the developers behind the Halo games–Bungie. The original Destiny was released in 2014 and lasted for three years when Bungie (and Activision) decided to release the next installment, Destiny 2, released in 2017 with a PC port, some significant engine upgrades, a new story campaign, and many new features.

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Destiny 2 has three different class types, each featuring different subclasses, aspects, and fragments. Not to mention the “looter-shooter” aspect of the game where you’ll unlock a plethora of weapons, and armor pieces, with different stats, and perks. All of this can be overwhelming and complicated, especially for new players.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Leaked Trailer Showcases New Destination, Returning Characters
Image: Bungie

If you’re just about to start your New Light journey as a Guardian in Destiny 2 ( has some great beginner’s guides you should check out) or a veteran who is returning after a long break, there are some third and first-party apps and tools that you should integrate with your daily use as these will 100% elevate the overall quality of the game and how you play it.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best and essential Destiny 2 apps, sites, and resources that you should be using while grinding your next exotic in the game.

1. Destiny Item Manager

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, Destiny Item Manager, DIM
Image: DIM

Destiny Item Manager or DIM is definitely one of the most useful tools in Destiny 2 that every player should be using. DIM is mainly used to manage your in-game inventory, weapons, armor, and create loadouts in general.

Back in the dark days of Destiny 1, in order to transfer a single weapon from a different character, players had to switch characters, go to the Tower, access the Vault, transfer the weapon in the vault, switch back to the main character and repeat all of the steps once again.

Now, thanks to DIM, all it takes is a couple of clicks to transfer weapons from one character to another or from the Vault. DIM can be used via a browser, but it also has dedicated apps both on Android and iOS.

2. Little Light/Ishtar Commander

Little Light and Ishtar Commander are very good alternatives to DIM if you’re on a console and don’t want to access a web app on your browser. Players can download Little Light or Ishtar Commander on Android and iOS (Ishtar Commander is also available on Windows and Mac). Both of these apps have extensive features for character inventory management in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools,
Image: is the go-to place for everything Destiny 2 database. Players can use to find almost anything inside Destiny 2, from new weapons, armor, and exotics, to triumphs, seals, and even weapon god rolls.

4. D2ArmorPicker

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, Destiny 2 Armor Picker, D2 Armor Picker, D2AP
Image: D2ArmorPicker

D2ArmorPicker is another excellent tool for building-crafting in Destiny 2. This will help you with maxing out your stats without looking into every single armor stat to get a perfect double or triple 100 build.


Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, D2Gunsmith
Image: D2Gunsmith

Similar to what D2AP does for armor stats, D2Foundry is used for weapons stats, perks, and testing potential god rolls. Regarding D2Gunsmith, it’s worth noting that the developer who started the site is no longer working on the project, though the site will keep showing new weapons. “Range/Reload/TTK calculators, filter options (except perks), community info under tooltips, aren’t being updated anymore.”

Alternatively, you could use D2Foundry which does the exact same thing and is actively being updated with new features. You can search for the weapons you’re looking for on each of the

6. TodayInDestiny

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools,TodayInDestiny
Image: TodayInDestiny

TodayInDestiny, as the name suggests, features rotating content inside Destiny 2. You can find daily Lost Sector rotation, weekly featured playlists, and everything. The spotlight feature on this site is definitely its seasonal Eververse calendar, as it shows what players can expect to see in Destiny 2’s Eververse store ahead of time.

7. Braytech

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, Braytech
Image: Braytech

Braytech is one of the nicest-looking third-party apps for Destiny 2 since it has an almost 1×1 user interface as in the game. This web app can be used to track triumphs, seals, manage inventory, find collectibles, etc.

8. D2Checkpoint

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, D2Checkpoint
Image: D2Checkpoint

If you’re looking to grind a specific encounter in a raid or a dungeon, D2Checkpoint can come in very handy. Luckstruck9 started the project by setting up multiple accounts on Google Stadia, with only one purpose–to share specific encounter checkpoints in a Discord server.

Unfortunately, Google shutting down its Stadia cloud service also affected this project. The good news is, that Luckstruck9’s team managed to run multiple instances on virtual machines on a desktop computer. You can join Luckstruck9’s Discord server here.

9. Stats Trackers

The next four apps are mainly to track in-game activities, performance, post-match reports, and everything–starting with the Trials Report

Trials Report/Destiny Tracker

Trials Report is a one-stop for Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris mode. Players can use this app to find out their and any other player’s KD, loadout, number of Flawless cards, etc.

If you’re looking for raw PvP stats, Destiny Tracker should be your go-to place for that.

Raid Report/Dungeon Report

As the name suggests, Raid Report and Dungeon Report are used to track activity stats for raids and dungeons in Destiny 2 respectively.

10. Destiny Recipes

Destiny 2: 21 Best Apps And Tools, Destiny Recipies
Image: Destiny Recipes

Destiny Recipes is a tool that comes in very handy if players are looking to prepare for a new seasonal or expansion launch. The site features a pre-seasonal checklist that tracks the total amount of XP stored via in-game bounties.

Other features include loot management, a vault cleaner, and a power progress tracker that can be useful to optimize the in-game power level grind.

11. Blue Engram

Blue Engram is a pretty straightforward site that tracks and shows the progress on crafted and deepsight weapons in Destiny 2. Players would need to log in to their account in order to track the weapon progress on Blue Engram.

12. Destiny 2 PC LFG (Discord)

Destiny 2 LFG is one of the largest unofficial LFG communities on Discord. The server is nearing 500,000 members with over 100,000 online members at a time. Players can find separate channels for each activity, including raids, dungeons, strikes, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, etc.

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13. Destiny Emblem Collector

Destiny Emblem Collector is another simple yet very useful tool for emblem collections in Destiny 2. The site features all currently, available and unavailable emblems in Destiny 2 and how players can unlock them.

14. Ishtar Collective

For everything lore-related, Ishtar Collective should be a go-to place for all Destiny 2 players. The site features lore books organized by every seasonal release.

15. Destiny 2 Companion

Destiny 2 Companion is the official Destiny 2 application available to download on mobile devices. The app has a built-in Fireteam Fireteams feature that can be used to directly send invites to players as it’s been directly integrated with Destiny 2.

Players can also use the app to manage their inventory, track challenges, access vendors, and read the latest blog posts. Another spotlight feature that this app has is that players can also use it to acquire bounties directly from the app without visiting the vendors in-game.

16. Destiny Bulletin

Finally, we’ll conclude this article with a little bit of self-promotion. For six years now (since 2017), we’ve been providing the latest news and updates on Destiny on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Threads channels. So, if you want to keep up-to-date with everything about Destiny and Bungie’s future projects, make sure to drop us a follow using the above links.

Destiny Bulletin
Image: Destiny Bulletin

If you feel like we missed any app or tool, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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