Bungie’s New PvP Game Potentially Powered By Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine hinted at for Bungie's upcoming title

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie | Epic Games

Bungie, the developer known for creating blockbuster titles like Halo and Destiny series, is reportedly working on a new PvP game that could potentially be powered by Epic‘s Unreal Engine.

This is according to the LinkedIn profile of a former Creative Director, Robert Engeln, and several job listings the company put out in recent years that also seem to suggest development in Unreal Engine.

According to Engeln’s LinkedIn profile description, it looks like the incubation team at Bungie built prototypes for its new IP in “Unity to support early gameplay investigations” but switched to Unreal Engine as their team grew. “I led the efforts to build a more substantial prototype in Unreal,” the description reads.

Additionally, we have found several job listings for a new PvP game currently in the incubation phase, which mentions the requirement of experience with Unreal Engine as a key skill for prospective candidates.

Bungie's New PvP Game Potentially Powered By Unreal Engine
Image: Bungie

The job listings for Level Designer and Environment Artist mention that the candidate must have experience in Unreal Engine. Furthermore, almost every Incubation job listing that’s currently published on Bungie’s Careers website mentions some sort of experience requirement with development and networking in Unreal Engine.

Is Bungie Considering Unreal Engine for its PvP Game?

Bungie has a history of developing games using its in-house game engine called Tiger Engine, which is used in the development of Destiny. For those unaware, Tiger Engine is a heavily modified version of the Blam! Engine, which powered the older Halo games.

While no official announcement has been made by Bungie regarding the use of Unreal Engine in its upcoming PvP game, the job listings serve as a strong indication of its potential plans.

Following a job ad for Bungie’s PvP-first game, Joe Ziegler, former game director for Valorant at Riot Games, joined Bungie as a game director for an unannounced game, which led to many speculating about Bungie’s mysterious PvP title.

Bungie has already confirmed that it plans to release at least one new IP by 2025. As for Bungie’s flagship MMO, Destiny 2, fans have been concerned about the game’s deteriorating technical state with more and more bugs and glitches popping up with each update.

This became such as big issue that Destiny 3 started trending on Twitter, with many fans calling for an engine upgrade for Destiny. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny’s current Light and Darkness saga will end with the release of The Final Shape expansion in 2024.

However, the company has also confirmed that Destiny will continue beyond, with new exciting storylines, and potentially a Destiny mobile game.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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