Destiny 2 Nerfs All Weapons And A Super As A Fix For A Single Bug

Fans are not happy with this change

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Bungie has implemented a significant change in Destiny 2’s weapon mechanics. This change comes as a response to one specific bug that was allowing players to exploit the game’s mechanics and deal an unusually high amount of damage in a short amount of time.

The bug in question was related to shotguns. Players discovered that by swapping to a Pin-point Slug Shotgun and then quickly switching to another weapon (like The Fourth Horseman Exotic), they could deal massive amounts of damage to raid and dungeon bosses, effectively bypassing the game’s intended difficulty level.

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Bungie’s solution to this issue, however, has come as a surprise to many players. Rather than simply fixing the bug, the developers have introduced a 2-second delay where weapons cannot be fired when swapping weapons from the inventory screen.

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Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

This delay affects all weapons in the game, not just shotguns, effectively nerfing all weapons and hot-swapping in Destiny 2.

“Fixed an issue where swapping from a Slug Shotgun to another Shotgun could allow massive damage output,” the patch notes read. “There is now a two-second window where a weapon cannot be fired after swapping to it from the inventory screen.”

Along with this affecting all weapons, this “fix” has also affected the newly-added Loadouts in the game. For example, players now have to wait 2 seconds before they can fire the weapons after selecting a different loadout with different weapons.

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On top of that, it looks like Hunter’s Solar super—the Golden Gun is also affected by this since it’s technically a burning hand cannon. You can check out this change in action in the clip below.

After testing, it seems like the only two weapon types that are safe from this new change are—Swords and Glaives. Though, with Glaives, you still cannot shoot the projectiles for 2 seconds and can only use the weapon’s melee functionality.

Destiny 2 fans across Reddit and Twitter are already disappointed with this change, especially the speedrunners community. It is unclear at this time whether the nerf will be permanent or if Bungie will revert to the previous mechanics if it proves to be unpopular.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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