Destiny 2 Season Pass Will Now Cost Even More Than New Advertised Price

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

This week, Bungie revealed that it plans to increase the season pass prices for Destiny 2 later this month with the launch of the upcoming season, Season of the Deep. The new listed price for the standalone season pass is 1,200 Silver (in-game currency) or $12, bumped from the original 1,000 Silver or $10 price.

However, here’s the thing. As of right now, there is no 1,200 Silver bundle available in the stores for Destiny 2. So, now those looking to purchase the standalone season pass this year will have to purchase a $10 Silver bundle, which give you 1,100 Silver, and a $5 Silver bundle, which is 500 in-game Silver.

This equates to a total of $15, instead of the newly listed price of $12 for the Destiny 2 season passes, which is not a good look for the Destiny developer. Fans have been upset sharing their concerns on Twitter, and Reddit.

Here’s the quote from Bungie’s latest blog post regarding the new price hike; “As our teams continue to invest in crafting compelling Seasonal experiences for the year of Lightfall, there’s a heads-up we wanted to give regarding a small increase in the standalone Season Pass price, beginning with Season of the Deep.”

“This will be the new pricing for Season Passes in Lightfall’s year for those looking to maximize their rewards with each new Season, and we’ll be evaluating new approaches to post-launch content in the year of The Final Shape”

Bungie Faces Backlash Over Destiny 2 Season Pass Price Hike

In the past, there has been considerable discussion about the value provided by Destiny 2 seasons, which many fans have acknowledged as worth the $10 price tag. Interestingly, despite the 20% price hike for the game’s season passes, some positive feedback has been observed from the community.

However, Bungie is definitely facing backlash for this greedy tactic of forcing players to purchase more Silver than they need to for the new season pass price. Here are all the currently-available Silver bundles for Destiny 2.

  • 500 Silver: $5
  • 1000 Silver + 100 Bonus: $10 (total 1,100 Silver)
  • 2000 Silver + 300 Bonus: $20 (total 2,300 Silver)
  • 3000 Silver + 500 Bonus: $30 (total 3,500 Silver)
  • 5000 Silver + 1000 Bonus: $50 (total 6,000 Silver)

This feels like Bungie is going after the players who like to pick and choose which seasons they want to experience and want them to purchase the Deluxe edition (Annual Pass bundle) for the game, which covers the whole year full of Destiny content.

Destiny 2 Season Pass Will Now Cost Even More Than New Advertised Price
Image: Bungie via TheGamePost

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Right now, Destiny 2 features a ton of microtransactions in its Eververse Store on top of the several bundles for expansion and seasons. I’ve compiled a list of every paid thing Destiny has to offer below.

  • Deluxe expansions: $100 (Expansion + 4 Seasons + 2 Dungeons)
  • Standalone expansion: $50 (Expansion + 1 Season)
  • Dungeon key: $20 (2,000 Silver)
  • Season Passes: $12 (1,200 Silver)
  • Seasonal Silver Bundle: $15 (1,700 Silver + Emote)
  • Season Pass Skip Bundle: $22 (2,200 Silver)
  • Character Boosts: $20 (2,000 Silver)
  • Event Cards: $10 (1,000 Silver)
  • Eververse Store cosmetics: $15 to $20 (Armor set per class)

Compared to other popular free-to-play games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite, Destiny 2 seasons provide a vast array of content, including story elements, weapons, armor, and seasonal activities. Thus, I’d say the 20% price increase for the game’s season passes is reasonable. However, forcing players to spend more than the list price is not..

The main issue here is not the price increase but rather the currently available bundles for the game. There’s an easy fix for this; add a $12 Silver bundle or remove the requirement of Silver for season passes entirely. (purchasable directly from the stores)

At the time of writing this article, Bungie has not yet commented on this but considering the backlash the developer is seeing, it wouldn’t be surprising if they decide to release a statement soon. We will update this article accordingly.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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