Destiny 2 Is Making It Easier To Get Raid Exotics In Season 21

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

Raids are the pinnacle of end-game activities in Destiny 2. Each raid in the game features its own unique exotic weapon that drops either at the end of the raid after completion randomly or is part of a larger exotic quest or a puzzle.

Over the years, Bungie has made some significant changes to the bad luck protections for the raid exotics in Destiny 2 and it looks like the next season—Season of the Deep will make it much easier for players to farm these exotic weapons in the raids.

According to the This Week at Bungie blog article, Bungie is adding “Boosted Triumphs” for older raids in Destiny 2. For those unaware, these triumphs are the ones that have the exotic engram underneath the triumph’s description when you hover over them with a text that says “Increases [Exotic Weapon] Drop rate.”

Destiny 2 Is Making It Easier To Get Raid Exotics In Season 21
Image: Bungie

Boosted Triumphs Coming To Older Raids in Destiny 2

Up until now, these boosted triumphs were only available for the Duality, Spire of the Watcher dungeons as well as the new Root of Nightmares raid. Starting Season 21, we will have boosted triumphs for older raids as well.

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Bungie has confirmed that this boost will be added to existing triumphs and will be retroactive, “so if you already have done the requisite Triumphs, you immediately start getting a boost.” Find the complete list below.

Last Wish: One Thousand Voices

  • Petra’s Run: +3 Drop Rate Boost
  • The New Meta: +2 Drop Rate Boost
  • Thunderstruck: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Sunburn: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Night Owl: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Habitual Wisher: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Challenges (+1 for each — 5 total)
    • Coliseum Champion
    • Summoning Ritual
    • Strength of Memory
    • Keep Out
    • Forever Fight

Deep Stone Crypt: Eyes of Tomorrow

  • Survival of the Fittest: +3 Drop Rate Boost
  • Freezing Point: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Control Group: +2 Drop Rate Boost
  • Challenges (+1 for each — 4 total)
    • Red Rover
    • Copies of Copies
    • Of All Trades
    • The Core Four
  • Encounter Triumphs (+1 for each — 4 total)
    • Resource Contention
    • 5 Seconds to Paradise
    • Short Circuit
    • Ready, Set, Go!

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Vow of the Disciple: Collective Obligation

  • Risen from the Deep: +3 Drop Rate Boost
  • Master Difficulty: +2 Drop Rate Boost
  • Together in the Deep: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Challenges (+1 for each — 4 total)
    • Swift Destruction
    • Base Information
    • Defenses Down
    • Looping Catalyst
  • Encounter Triumphs (+1 for each — 4 total)
    • On My Go
    • Handle With Care
    • Glyph to Glyph
    • Symmetrical Energy

Vault of Glass: Vex Mythoclast

  • Flawless Vault of Glass: +3 Drop Rate Boost
  • Master Glasser: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Challenges (+1 for each — 5 total)
    • Wait For It…
    • The Only Oracle For You
    • Out of Its Way
    • Rabid Relic
    • Eyes on Antheon
  • Encounter Triumphs (+1 for each — 5 total)
    • Dragon’s Den
    • Take Cover
    • Tempered Teleport
    • Strangers in Time
    • Ensemble’s Refrain

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King’s Fall: Touch of Malice

  • Crux of the King: +3 Drop Rate Boost
  • One True King: +1 Drop Rate Boost
  • Challenges (+1 for each — 5 total)
    • The Grass is Always Greener
    • Devious Thievery
    • Gaze Amaze
    • Under Construction
    • Hands Off
  • Encounter Triumphs (+1 for each — 5 total)
    • Overzealous
    • Brand Busters
    • Taking Turns
    • The Floor is Lava
    • Overwhelming Power

And there we have it! A list of every raid triumph getting an update in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. Apart from these, Bungie has also announced that there will be a price increase for Destiny 2’s season passes starting next season, as well as some new Trials of Osiris loot for players to collect.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.